Nothing like Christmas drama

Christmas was in high gear at my parents house when John came for Tesla at 11:45.  Tess was still opening gifts from Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathy but we hurried through so she could leave.

I walked Tesla out to her dad’s truck.  He had all the kids with him and I was excited to give them the little gifts we had for each of Heather’s kids.  It wasn’t any big deal, just snacks and candy in their own gift bag.  John put those gifts in the truck and the kids waved to me.  I had another gift in the car for John, Tesla, Heather, Abbie, Bria, Casey and Katie but John wouldn’t take it.  It’s this type of drama that reminds me why we are no longer together.   The kids would have loved the gift and there was something special inside for John.  Oh well…..

Apparently he is offended by my blog about the gifts from Tesla.  I thought it was incrediably nice of Heather to take Tesla shopping.  Tesla picked the gifts out and I didn’t care if the dates on the ornaments were wrong.  That isn’t a big deal.  What is a big deal to me is why John is mad at me and says he won’t take a Christmas gift because they don’t want anything in the house that going to make them think of me.  REALLY?  I imagine the exception would be Tesla of course.  It’s funny to me….whoever John is with on a holiday always gives gifts to me.  Maybe to make up for the fact that John sure isn’t going to give me a gift.  I doubt he even remembers what Tesla and I gave him last year.  That or he threw it out because it reminded him of me.

Besides John’s usual drama, Christmas was wonderful.  At my parents house with my sons, Tesla, Dale, Suz, Blaine, Sam, Joe, Kathy and Sawyer.  It was a full house!

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and hope everyone got what they asked Santa for!




  1. Douchebag is a douche on Christmas. I find it incredibly curious that he seems to want to erase you from his life like it never happened. This only goes to further compound the fact he would like to erase you from Tesla’s life, too and he has demonstrated douchiness there too by cutting your time with her. The Karma Train mows down the unsuspecting often, I do believe I hear a whistle in the distance, don’t you?

  2. I believe the Karma Train has been running behind schedule for Mr. Delauter.

    • I think its very telling that he seems to know what you write on your blog ALL THE TIME!!! Narcissism must run deep within him. Hang in there Patti….I think your a great person…call me sometime! 🙂

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