Down came the tree

We did it!  We did it!

Tesla and I took down the Christmas tree and decorations.  She chatted away about the ornaments and separating the glass from the plastic so they don’t break.  I love having conversations with her because she can be so colorful with her story telling.

Tesla is up in her room now.  Enjoying some quiet time.  It seems to be a luxury for her now.  Trust me, she won’t be up there long and will wander down to see what’s going on.  So I am finishing up packing the Christmas decorations.  I thought about Heather as I folded up the holiday theme kitchen items she took Tesla to buy.  Deep down, she is probably a good person…blinded by love.  What I don’t get is, if she is such a good person over all, why is she with my future ex?

What he yelled at me Christmas day, “we don’t want anything that makes us think of you in the house” shut me down.  There are so many things in that house that must remind Heather and John me on a daily basis.  Hell John probably thinks about Kelly on a daily basis.  She kicked off all the changes to my house.  I think what it boils down to is, the entire flipping house should be a daily reminder of me.

So back to packing up the decorations and I will discontinue thinking about my husband’s girlfriend.  I am sure Heather has many good qualities.  I’ve learned more about Heather and her children than any other of John’s previous attempts to replace me.

So a thank you shout out to Heather…..The gifts were great and next year maybe we can attempt a gift exchange in person since John had serious issues accepting a gift.   He was too busy berating me in front of both our children about not wanting to think about me.   Though I do remember you Heather, yelling at me that when you are all home I am the last person all you would talk about.  Someone’s doing a lot of talking….John tells me about it all the time.  It’s hard for him to forget me.  Breaking up is hard to do.

I was clearly to make a huge deal over the gifts Heather purchased confirming to John that he has chosen well since dumping me.  It’s just hard to do as my time with Tesla is severely cut, I don’t get to talk to her more than a few minutes, this divorce is a drain of time and money and a distraction from school.  Yes, the possible future “step-mom” bought a few cute gifts, but that same person is the cause of many problems in my life.  She is living in my house with my child.  A house that I want sold and a child that should be living with her mother.

Oh well, I just have to be patient as usual. John said I can never get anything right…Someday, he will learn.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it.  🙂




  1. I wonder if she know’s who ‘Bud’ is..??? if she knows ‘Bud’ too is someone he can’t or won’t forget about… hhhmmm

  2. Butt buddy maybe?

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