Last day of the year

It’s hard to believe this year flew by so fast.  Life passes you by before you know it!

Dale, Tesla and I are watching “Twins” and I’ll be going to the grocery store soon.  A few friends are stopping by to ring in the new year.

My year almost ended on a bad note.  Tesla and I were getting something to eat at Surefine earlier today.  We chose our sandwiches and she talked me into a chocolate donut.  I set down our sandwiches and bagged her a donut on the condition she eat her lunch first.

I laid out our lunch on the check out belt and reached in my pocket.  Shit….no wallet.  I went through all my pockets…no wallet.  I asked Tesla if she had my wallet….nope.  The likelihood of her having my wallet was slim to none, but I thought I would at least ask.

“I’m going to have to go look for my wallet, I’m sorry.” I told the check out guy and made a bee line for the donuts.

No wallet hiding in the donuts….back to the sandwich cooler….no wallet.  FUCK!  Now what?!

Then I hear a voice from above…”Patricia Crider please come to the customer service desk.”   It wasn’t God.

Some honest, thoughtful person found my wallet somewhere in Surefine and turned it in.  God Bless that person!

The couple of dollars in my wallet didn’t matter but all that much, but the cards, license, etc. would have been a pain to replace.

I lost my wallet riding my motorcycle once.  A walker found it and turned it into the Northern Regional Police who contacted me the next day.  See, there are good people out there.

Even if they are few and far between.


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