Pennsylvania Slum Lord Alert

Susan has been renting a mobile home at Reisinger’s Trailer Haven that is owned by an eighty+ year old lady who doesn’t want to deal with the trailers anymore.  The are all owned by her, including the one Jerry Kennedy lives-in rent free for tending to the Haven.

Haven isn’t exactly the word I would use to described this mobile home park.  This once was a nice mobile park.  The yards are well-kept.

Kennedy will pitch a fit if you are even 2 or 3 inches in the grass.  Last night he ordered Dale to get his truck off his grass.  Dale backed up the truck and with my encouragement, he went to visit Kennedy about Susan’s bathroom leak.  It began to leak heavily for the second time.  Kennedy said he would check on it again.  He knew his half-ass attempt of fixing it the first time was a joke.  There have been many jokes Kennedy has played on the home.

We thought perhaps last night.  As of 3:30 today, he has not checked on the mobile homes bathroom floor.  The entire bathroom is slowly sinking down and the toilet is pulling away from the floor.  It has reached the point of no return.  The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom (those sticky square tiles) are broke and weakening by the second.

It is apparent the condition of the mobiles are low priority.  Photos are from the home my sister rents for $480 a month.  Kennedy almost refused her because of Blaine.  He doesn’t want children living at the Haven.  There were two children essentially evicted for having a mother who left them in the care of their grandmother who just happens to live in the Haven.  I don’t know where 12-year-old Bree and her little brother are now.  (Now I do know.  They are living with their aunt and doing well.)

This mobile home has been painted, wallpapered and painted again.  If it were not for the paint covering past leaks, one would not be able to stomach the look of the walls or ceilings.

This is a slum lord alert brought to you today by Girlboxer1970.

Look out Mr. Kennedy, you are not taking care of you rented homes.  The last thing older people need to live in are trailers filled with mold.  I wonder how everyone else’s trailer is holding up?

A question the state might also be interested in.


NEW TO POST….VIDEO WITH LANDLORD  Conversation with Jerry about the 30-day lease and toilet problem reporting.  Conversation with Jerry about the 30-day lease and toilet problem reporting. 7/14/2012  My YouTube channel is Girlboxer1970 if you can’t click the link.

Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Law.

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