Where is Ray Gricar? He didn’t report file charges against Sandusky

Ray Gricar is missing and has been for years.  Just disappeared.  Never to been seen or heard from again.

Did he want to file charges against Sandusky?  Change his mind when he realized Sandusky was one bad example of a human-being?

Was there someone at Penn State powerful enough to make a District attorney vanish in 2005?

Ya never know…



  1. I think Penn State got rid of him. He knew too much about the Sandusky case.

  2. Ray Gricar knew too much about the Sandusky case.

  3. William L. Di Gennaro says:

    There is no evidence that I know of that indicates a connection between the disappearance of Ray Gricar and the Penn State Scandal, but my gut tells me there is a connection. I just hope someone finds it.

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