3 Car Accident on Route 74 York, PA

Shortly after 11 PM the owner of China Wok closed his restaurant and left for his home.  Exiting the parking lot of Rutter’s Farm Store in his maroon mini van, he pulled onto Route 74 N towards Dover, PA and was rear ended by a Toyota Tundra truck.  The two vehicles hit the embankment along the Shiloh Church Cemetery before hitting a small car.  The restaurant owners mini van was in the middle of Rt 74.  The truck and small, black, car came to rest on the opposite side of the road, on the embankment.  A minimum of 8 people were involved in this accident.  Multiple people were taken away by ambulance.  ~P.

Click the first picture to open gallery.


  1. Anonymous says:

    you should be wary of posting photos of patients such as we see on the stretcher in accident 23. You make yourself and your blog vulnerable by doing so.

    • How so? I ask only because photographers have been taking pictures of accident scenes since cameras were invented. Photojournalists do it for a living…

      • John Doe says:

        You are not vulnerable to anything. You can take pictures any where the public is aloud to be. The police should have backed everyone up. However, you need to check your moral compass. That is a person, with family and friends. How would you like a picture of you or a loved one on a litter dying. It’s time or society learns what respect and decency means.

      • No disrespect was meant, I was covering it as news. Those who report the news, just report it. I would have gladly followed up with an update, if possible. There were no fatalities, that’s about all I could learn. People need to slow the hell down on Rt 74. Just because it is a long stretch of road doesn’t mean you need to drive fast.

        How would I feel if I saw someone taking pictures of an accident I am in? I’d just be glad to be alive. If I were dead, I wouldn’t know anyone was taking a picture. To me, I saw it as amazing dedication by our local volunteer fire departments doing their best to clear an accident. I was not in the road, nor interfering with the rescue of trapped people or removal of vehicles.

  2. Charlene Calvert Pinkowski says:

    Having been in a near deadly accident myself, I would not want my loved ones to see the scene of the accident or me being carried to an ambulance or anything relating to that traumatic time…..feelings of loved ones are so tender of a moment like this.

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