From Stauffer’s to Hake’s to abandoned

If you lived in Dover, drove through Dover or heard of Dover, you surely know of the little store on Route 74 that was convenient to pick up needed items.

As a teen, I rode my bicycle to Stauffer’s Grocery and as an adult, I made many stops at Hake’s, often for a Smittie’s soft pretzel and a pint of Rutter’s chocolate milk.

Now the little store is closed, abandoned in my opinion.  I held my camera over the fence to see what condition the pool might be in.  I would say the pool condition is ideal for disease carrying mosquitoes, and a health risk for everyone in the area.

Not good.  ~P.

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  1. That was Spanglers before that!

  2. I used to walk there all the time when I was younger. Sad to see it sitting empty.

  3. Is there any way to find out who owns it or which land agents are dealing with it and request they drain the pool would think not only is is a health hazard in terms of mosquitoes but possible for animals or children who find a way in could drown in it with it being unattended

    • We all know who owns it. It’s a small town. lol Hopefully something will happen now that his divorce is final. The inground pool is surrounded by a high fence. Only the mosquito’s are gaining entrance with ease. 😉

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