$1.00 deal

Dale, Tesla and I went to yards sales this morning.  Our first stop was the one Jody Riley Geiger mentioned on her Facebook status. 

Dale bought all the Transformer toys she had for his son.  Drew will be ecstatic!  Jody’s neighbor had a massive collection of Playdoh and accessories and only wanted $1.00 for all of it.  A few were dried up, but the rest were ready to play with. 

Here are a few of Tesla and my creations.

shrunk vampire head

Arms for Ears

T for Tesla

My aspiring artist


TT and I did this one together


Hippy Doh


You just can’t go wrong spending a buck on Playdoh.  Tesla and I love it!!
P.S. The funniest part of our yard sale trip was Dale telling me I should check out all the jeans Jody had for sale.  I said “I’ll never fit into Jody Riley’s jeans!”  and Jody said, “Jody Riley doesn’t even fit into Jody’s jeans!”  Haha….that was a good one.  Even better, once we got back to the truck Dale said to me, “You should have bought a pair” and I said “Why? They would never fit” and the funny man that he is replied, “No, but then you could finally say you got in Jody’s pants!”  LMAO!!  My man is a funny one! 
If you don’t get why that funny, read this old blog…

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