Child Innocence

Children are so innocent.  It’s their innocence that makes them so endearing.

Today I went to Tesla’s school and joined her class for lunch.  I had pizza, carrots, raw broccoli with dip, a mini cherry pie and a diet mango tea.  That meal came to $4.65.  A bit pricey I thought but worth the cost to sit with Tesla and her friends.

As lunch time wrapped up I heard a little voice call out my name.  Heather’s daughter Gabby came bounding over with a big smile on her face.  She asked if I was going outside for recess and I told her I was.  Her next question was “Will you play with me too?”  I said, “Of course!  I’ll play with all the kids.”

We lined up to walk outside and Tesla grabbed my hand.  Gabby snuck up behind me and took my other hand and we walked out as a trio.  After trying out the monkey bars we headed to the swings and I did underdog after underdog, much to the delight of the kindergartener’s.  As they were swinging Gabby yells to Tesla “Your mom is really nice!” and Tesla responded “I told you my mom is really nice!”

I couldn’t help but smile listening to their exchange.  I also can’t help but wonder, what is being said about me that she would think I wasn’t nice.

What came next proved the innocence of children.  As the kids took turns having me push them, Gabby began introducing me to her classmates.  “This is Tesla’s mommy, and she’s my stepmom!”  Then she turned to Tesla and said, “I wish we could have a sleep over at your house.”  Little does she know she has a sleep over in my house every night she’s with her mom….

I look forward to volunteering in Tesla’s class every Friday.  It took me back to the days when I volunteered in Jarrid and Zeth’s classrooms.  A parent has to take advantage of being involved in their child’s class at this age.  Once kids hit middle school, the last thing they want to see at school is their mom or dad!

The Underdog,


P.S. Gabby and Tesla are not in the same class but apparently have lunch and recess together.  I did not know I would see Gabby today or that she would come to realize that I’m nice.  Really nice.  🙂



  1. I’m sure John and Heather will love hearing how nice you are! Glad you got a chance to spend time with both of them.

  2. Good job! Way to dispel the myths of being a bad person in the eyes of innocent children, who only learn from others how “not nice” other people are.

  3. I hope they go home and talk about how much fun they had all night….lol. drive em nuts

  4. 🙂

  5. I’m happy for you that you got to experience that. {{HUGS}}

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