Yeah, that’s my ass

defying gravity

That’s right.  It’s me at the top of that wall.  I hadn’t climbed a rock wall in a long time but I managed to pull my fat ass up there and hit the button.  Before I started to climb a small crowd gathered around the rock wall and I thought “if I can’t get to the top I’m going to be embarrassed with all these people watching.”

I made it to the top with no problem and Dale snapped this picture (as I instructed him to so I would have proof) then repelled back down.  I even got a sticker to proudly wear the rest of the evening at the York Fair, letting everyone know my middle age ass could still defy gravity!  Little does everyone know I sucked helium out of 20 balloons before paying $5 to possibly make a fool of myself.  🙂

No helium required,


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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