Skinny Dipping

Flashback to the late 80’s in West York.  I spent quite a bit of my summer in West York at Dawn Fidler’s (Wolf) grandmother’s house.  A nearby neighbor was Lewis (Skip) Crone.  Dawn introduced me to Skip and he hung out or rode bikes with us.

Skip and I had a brief confrontation one day.  I don’t remember what it was about but he pushed me over on my bike.  That really pissed me off!  I jumped up and punched him in the stomach.  He made a slight “umpf” sound and bent over a bit, covering his bellybutton area with his hands.  After that we got a long just fine.  Perhaps too fine.

In my journal dated July 5, 1988 I wrote:

Skip called me about 11 AM (I was in West York with Dawn) and invited me over to swim.  I went to his house and swam for a while.  His mom left shortly after and he asked me to skinny dip.  We did and that’s the second time I ever went and was is the first time in broad daylight.  I think he wanted to do it in his pool, but I didn’t.  Wt went inside his house then and he wanted to do it in his room.  I said no because I wanted my first time to be with Phil Grim.  Skip said “ok” but wasn’t to happy about it.   ~P.

This was also the first “live” penis I ever saw….LMAO

That is so funny and cute to me.  Even funnier is, Skip’s wife is sitting here at the table with me.  Love ya Kymmie!

Oh, the silly things in my journals,



  1. skip was almost a lucky Guy lol.

  2. He forgot to add just one beer!

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