Dear John VIIII


Catching up with the wagon


Dear John,

I had a free moment to look over the balances of our mortgages.  Way to freaking go with making up those payments.  It’s like a freaking miracle occurred!  I’m familiar with miracles as I’ve experienced many in my life.  Some are great, some are good and some just don’t affect me, but are amazing none the less.

So Wells Fargo has backed off with the foreclosure notices.  Sweeeeeeet news!!  I’m feeling good about not getting all the notices of for coming doom in the ownership of our house.  This means things are going good in life for you, at this time, and that makes Tess happy, which makes me happy.

What’s not going to make me happy is if your income doesn’t show the realistic figures to match having the ability to make these payments.  You know what I mean dear.  That problem I tried to tell you about again and again.  The numbers need to make sense.

If you are making enough to pay almost $17,000.00 to our mortgage companies in 3 months, the numbers better add up because my forensic account, Helen O’Planick is patiently waiting to testify about your bookkeeping methods.

Anyway, great job John!!!

Now about those payments on the four-wheelers, credit cards, and Mercedes loan…..

Just touching base with you and Wells Fargo,



Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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