We love you, Dover, PA

My little sister Sue in front of Pap's tractor.

My little sister Sue in front of Pap’s tractor.

Dover is my hometown.  Yeah, call me a farmer girl, I don’t mind.

No, I didn’t ride a tractor to school.  I don’t think my grandfather would have allowed it.  We weren’t even allowed on the tractor with him; only permitted to follow behind the plow, to gather night-crawlers for fishing.

My love for Dover gave me the desire to start a Dover, PA Facebook page.  This link will take you to the page.  Be sure to click the like button on the page to get postings on your Facebook wall.  https://www.facebook.com/YouKnowYoureFromDoverPaWhen

I have fond memories of riding my bicycle all over rural Dover, never once feeling concerned for my safety.  Dover made me feel safe then, and still does today.

The country roads were endless and my youthful energy kept me riding daily during the summer.  Sometimes, a group of us would hang out at Rohler’s Assembly of God.  We all knew the pastor’s son Ron, our classmate, and spent hours riding in circles at the church, sometimes to Dillon’s farm to watch the cows or over to Crone’s farm to eat strawberries off the plants.  On Rohler’s Church Road we would eat apples and peaches…probably the healthiest part of our diets we just picked as we road bikes.

I had so many friends that still hold true, since we met at Dover Elementary School in 1976 and continued through graduation at Dover High School in 1989.  One highlight of my childhood was my Sweet 16 birthday party.  My parents held it at Rohler’s picnic grounds (or the pavilion as we called it) and it was fantastic.  Click the first thumbnail to open the gallery.

My friends are what makes Dover special to me. ~P.



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