Sleep deprived

My lids are heavy like weights to bare

Force them upwards and continue to stare

I take the sights in, visually greedy I admit

Too much at stake to just quit

Give me that feeling, I want it for keeps

Even if it means giving up sleep.



Wooden books and plastic crayons

Fill those wrinkles with cream cheese,

Fart popsicles if you please.

Hold the yoke, let out the choke, more bad news: Bill Gates is broke.

Poke an elbow in the zebra’s eye, lift his tail for shoe-fly pie.

Crack the lizard to prepare for a blizzard.

Hide under the stump, give a good hump, more bad news: I’ve grown a bump.

Nothing is real, the world is fake.

Swallow the light bulb out of the Eazy Bake.

Your crutch and spew

Save your breath I don’t want to hear you speak there is nothing you can say that will ever save the day.

You wanted your piece of pie then shouted out your mean goodbye now I don’t cry.

My world cannot crumble even when I fumble you’re so out of touch because I was your crutch.

Kiss my ass I don’t need you no one does or ever will don’t believe me I won’t care.

Raise your hand you can’t hurt me now I don’t miss you not then not now.

You didn’t complete me for I needed no one to make me whole.

I have God my children my family and my friends who will stick by me until the end.

One day you will find yourself alone sitting at the table spewing out your hate and blame in your clueless mind frame.

welcome said the spider to the fly

We didn’t walk into it or fight our way through it.

A beautiful work of art.

Spun to catch it’s prey.

Up all night, gone by day.

Temporary home maker, permanent bug wrecker.

Are you a spider hater?


Lost Touch

Just a passing fancy

Surprised to feel a thing

Give me the giggles

Tuck me under your wing

A look

A touch

Means so much

Enemy or friend

Where have you been?

Playing with fire

The flame doesn’t burn bright.

More like a flicker, spit and sputter of a wet wick.

It had in the past…bright, hot and passionate.

That fire burned fast and uncontrolled, letting a heap of ash.

I brush myself off.  Hold my head high.  Burned, but not burned out.

A sudden chill

The room is cool with a breeze from the crack in the door.

My nipples tighten, standing erect underneath my tight tank top.

I slip my pencil to my harden nipple and rub.

The friction warms my nipple but it doesn’t soften.

I feel the warmth growing.  New warm spots erupt.

More swelling and a noticeable moistness.

So much for focusing on studying.


Poem by a Psycho

Wrote during Psychology Class


Daddy’s sleeping with the dolphins.

Grandma’s knitting peach pie.

Sam’s dodging car bombs.

Suzie’s really high.

Blaine’s playing demolition Frisbee.

Pap’s smashing his guitar.

Sawyer’s sinking a ship.

Mom’s at a bar.

Zeth has squirrels nesting in his hair.

Jarrid’s bathing the fridge.

Joe bet on purple.

Kathy jumped the bridge.

Tesla’s making up silly stories.

Mason’s tackled football.

Ying’s chasing semi’s.

Jesus’ gonna call.

When you love someone


When you love someone

Show respect

I am not the butt of your jokes!

Your words are poison to my ears.

Talk gently

Do you have a soft voice inside?

It’s playing hide and seek.

Them first

Every sentence you speak doesn’t have to start with “I.”

Can you ever be wrong?

Yourself second

I realize second to you is a lost concept.

Just get in line!

Be honest

Try to lie to my face.

I see the bullshit in your eyes.

Allow space

Don’t attach yourself to my side.

We are not conjoined twins.

Love grows

Not in your weedy garden.

Suffocating me to death.

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