welcome said the spider to the fly

We didn’t walk into it or fight our way through it.

A beautiful work of art.

Spun to catch it’s prey.

Up all night, gone by day.

Temporary home maker, permanent bug wrecker.

Are you a spider hater?


Clipped Wings

I am upset with my son and his disrespect towards his father, step-mother and I.  None of us seem to be able to get through to him that he is traveling down a dangerous path that will put him on the wrong side of the law.  ~P.

An angel looking down, a tear and frown.

Clipped wings for being a clown.

Jagged edges refuse to heal.

Dare make a last appeal.

Can’t come back, have nowhere to go.

The penalty of going with the flow.

“Last Night”

It snowed last night.
I didn’t get no rest.
A fine white powder,
The very, very best.

It kept me awake.
My eyes on my friend.
Trust no one
Only an ear, I dare lend.

In age I am youth.
That is no surprise.
It is experience,
Making me wise.

Never watched Nascar.
People love so dear.
Just out of sight,
Though I can hear.

Quiet those damn cars,
Give me a break!
Tranquility I seek,
Within that white flake.

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