Clipped Wings

I am upset with my son and his disrespect towards his father, step-mother and I.  None of us seem to be able to get through to him that he is traveling down a dangerous path that will put him on the wrong side of the law.  ~P.

An angel looking down, a tear and frown.

Clipped wings for being a clown.

Jagged edges refuse to heal.

Dare make a last appeal.

Can’t come back, have nowhere to go.

The penalty of going with the flow.


  1. He’s lucky that you care so much about him and I hope he wakes up soon before he goes too far down that wrong path or hurts you all any more. xx

  2. Sadly sometimes in life it takes a trip down the wrong path to get to the right one all you can do is be there to offer guidance even if it falls on deaf ears and pray he doesnt wander too far down that path

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