Your crutch and spew

Save your breath I don’t want to hear you speak there is nothing you can say that will ever save the day.

You wanted your piece of pie then shouted out your mean goodbye now I don’t cry.

My world cannot crumble even when I fumble you’re so out of touch because I was your crutch.

Kiss my ass I don’t need you no one does or ever will don’t believe me I won’t care.

Raise your hand you can’t hurt me now I don’t miss you not then not now.

You didn’t complete me for I needed no one to make me whole.

I have God my children my family and my friends who will stick by me until the end.

One day you will find yourself alone sitting at the table spewing out your hate and blame in your clueless mind frame.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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