It’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to

I bought this blog site to write what’s on my mind.  Of course it’s all my thoughts and opinions.  That’s what a blog is.

Some people feel I use it to bash my future ex.  Big deal!  He loves to bash people right and left.  The minute you’re not doing him any good, he doesn’t need you anymore.

I make friends in hopes of it being a life-long relationship.  John makes friends to use them.  I spent many years with this man listening to him bash his friends behind their backs.

Not just his friends but his family, employees and anyone else he wants to bash.  John can look you in the face and tell you how great you are and two minutes later have a list of what’s wrong with you, your life, you career, your work ethics, your children, your looks, where you live…etc. etc. etc.

I should have realized this when I first met him:  When a man’s momma wants nothing to do with him (and now his grandchild because of him) that’s a telltale sign.  Those family members who do talk to him, are just using him in return.  How often did people call and want to come visit us when we were together?  Never.  In fact, people would tell me the reason they didn’t come around is because of who I married.


Interestingly the sheriff was just here.  I was served papers a few days ago by a different sheriff for the credit card accounts that have been left unpaid.  This time they were looking for someone else.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were serving me papers for another outstanding loan, one that is part of the marital debt.

Wells Fargo keeps sending me notices that the mortgage isn’t paid.  John has money for trips, softball, girlfriends, jewelry, clothes, new truck, and Lord knows what else that I’m not aware of.  Just no money to pay the mortgage, credit card debts and loans on the four-wheelers he insisted on buying when we were still together.  He’s even added more four-wheelers to his collection as the household has exploded in size with his current girlfriend and her children.

Am I angry?  Hell yeah.  I didn’t quit my career of 11 years with the state, sell my house and car to be treated like shit.  I gave this man everything I had in me and he took it and expected more.  He is impossible to please and will throw anyone under the bus to save his ass.

Want to comment and defend John…feel free.  The only people who have ever claimed I was the problem in the marriage were those under John’s thumb.

The only people who come to John defense (other than his overpaid lawyers) are his girlfriend, secretary and softball players.  Pretty sad.

My blog, my opinion.




  1. No one can tell you what to write or who you can and can’t write about. It’s called an amendment to the constitution. Read it, it’s even the first one! You don’t like what Pattie says? STOP READING HER BLOG. If you don’t like how she says what she says? STOP READING HER BLOG. If you can’t just sit by while a man plays softball and his little girl breaks her arm far from him and not supervised by anyone including his Douchenozzle, the obvious vote for mother of the year, then get comfortable and stay awhile.

  2. Sounds like what you are saying is hitting home, Pattie – obviously John sees your blog as a threat – or he wouldn’t bother sending his latest bunch of ass-kissers to protest.

    Keep writing. Keep getting angry. Keep expressing that anger. Yep, it’s your blog, it’s the internet – if you don’t like it, grow up and click that little thing called the mouse to take you away! Simple as that.

    • I’ll always have at least one dedicated reader. I wonder if he still prints them out to give his lawyer. lol Even though a judge told him it had no bearing on his case. I don’t say anything but positive stuff to Tesla about her dad. Saying she shouldn’t have been on the playground alone isn’t negative, it’s the truth!

  3. Anonymous says:

    If i were you Pattie, i wouldn’t try anything of like putting dog shit on my mothers porch. Keep messing with her and your day will come. You talk shit on your blog but not in someones face. Oh wait, you can to a 70 year old 100 pound woman. What a pussy. Say shit to me in my face just once. See were where that gets you. But you can’t. Just like the day i said something to you and you had nothing to say. You hide behind your blog. Start with people, and blame them for everything. Grow up little girl. Stop trying to be something your not and have respect for your elders.

    • Look, I don’t bother your 100 year old mother. She harasses me. I don’t HIDE behind anything as my blog clearly states who I am. I’m not trying to be anyone BUT me. Your mom can’t keep her thoughts to herself and apparently, neither can you. So on that note, go back to eating your crazy sandwich. It’s a favorite within your family. ~P.

      • Anonymous says:

        I own my home. evry far from trailer trash. Unlike yourself Pattie. You talk stupid. Who cares if i am eating a sandwich. That just showed how much you watch us and what we are doing. Rather has sandwiched in as a favorite within my family then being on drug and living on streets, oh and losing my kids. Again it’s call respect. Of which you have none. Yes you put yourself out there for everyone to read about you. You act like you are proud of your life but look where your at. I wouldn’t want people to know all that stuff. You can talk shit on your blog about me and talk to a elder, but you don’t say a word to me to my face. Why is that Pattie. You are the piece of shit around there and everyone just talks to you but no one really likes you. They just talk to be nice. They all know how you act and read the stuff on put on your blogs. Everyone thinks your trailer trash. People are tried of watching your kids! Go out with them and watch your kids. That’s what moms do. Oh wait that’s right, you are no much of a mother. That’s been shown.

      • I love your comments. They make me laugh. Keep them coming. ~P.

    • You can take a girl out of the trailer park……………

  4. Pattie, I’m sorry you are getting all this flak from people. I’ve had the misfortune of growing up surrounded by narcissistic and sociopathic people, and believe me it’s like a nest of vipers – and what’s being said to you on your blog reminds me so strongly of that. You’ve stirred up this nest of vipers and they are not happy – hence the hissing and spitting at you.
    Remember, no matter what anyone says or does, YOU know the TRUTH. They can gaslight for all they are worth, they can harangue you and threaten you – but they cannot change the TRUTH. Hang on to that.
    I truly hope and pray one day you have freedom and peace from these evil people.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yep i know that post has nothing to do with us. That’s just where i wrote it. Hope you get a laugh out of that. LOL.

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