Dear John~And the truth is revealed

Dear John,

We were all wondering (Dale, Zeth, Suz and I) what the heck you were doing at the playground with Tesla so early in the morning.

Well now we all know….YOU were playing softball while our daughter was at the playground by herself.  Even worse, Tesla says there weren’t any other little kids there but there was two big boys.

Why the hell are you letting Tesla at the playground alone while you play softball?  I know how fucking important softball is to you.  Hell, you were ready to blow me off the same day I miscarried with our second child because you had a softball game.  I had to guilt you into staying home with Tesla and I after I lost our baby.  (which you blamed on me)

Obviously you couldn’t watch Tesla while you played ball.  She said she screamed really loud because her arm hurt so bad.  I told her I was sorry she got hurt and she shouldn’t have been there alone.  Her response was, “Daddy said I could.”

Maybe I should be glad she only suffered a broken arm (which needs surgical pins implanted tomorrow.)  It could have been even worse, say someone kidnapping her.  Bob Hoffman stadium isn’t exactly the safest neighborhood for a little girl to be playing alone on a playground.

What the fuck were you thinking?  Oh wait, I know….only about yourself.  To the point you wouldn’t even let Tesla be with me after you were too busy to keep an eye on her to start with.  It’s not like it would have hurt her more to spend the rest of the day with her mom.

Here’s a thought!  You could have called me and told me to meet you at the softball field so you can play your game and Tesla could spend time with me.

God forbid you let me have a little extra time with Tesla.

Once a selfish bastard, always a selfish bastard.

I can’t wait to be divorced from you…..and have custody of our daughter.



  1. the older son says:

    Wtf honestly john, the way things been sound’n its almost like I should have lied in court. Its sad to say I believe a little girl over a grown man but its starting to really happen. What kinda person would let there kid (it just happens to be my sister so that’s even a worse situation) go to the park by themselves.. and ur childs safety, my sisters safety is less important then ur ball game? Words of advice for some1 who was such a great father figure for 3 boys XD, “try not letting ur own personal wants come before my sisters needs”. Just remember she is my family also.. not just yours. And I watch over my family even tho I’m not there…

  2. Missus Tribble says:

    What I would like to say is atually unprintable. Suffice to say that this should never, ever happen.

    John, if you ever get to read this: I hope that one day you break your own frigging arm and that there is nobody around who gives enough of a shit about you to get you the emergency attention required. What Tesla is going to endure after those pins are placed is pain, grogginess from the general anaesthetic accompanied by possible nausea, and the knowledge that daddy didn’t care enough to stop his stupid game to look after her. I remember what my niece had to go through after she broke her arm falling off the school climbing frame and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (she had to have TWO operations – including having her arm rebroken and repinned when it didn’t set right).

    Patty, remember to send the bastard the bill. This was unavoidable and he should pay for it.

    • Oh, he relies on the state provided insurance Tesla and I receive to handle any medical problems Tesla has. This avoidable accident will be covered by tax payers.

      His attempt to make this sound better on his behalf is that he wasn’t playing a game when it happened and he wasn’t that far away from the playground. Just off bullshitting with his ball buddies. All of this was preventable as Tesla could have been with me. It’s not like his games aren’t scheduled in advance. A double-header is an awful long time to expect a 6 year old to occupy herself so Daddy can get his game on. After she fell, he told the team he was done because he had to take her to the hospital.

      I’m sure they weren’t expecting him to have her wait for the second game to end. smh

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t give 2 shits whats up between you and John but you should know the right story instead of assuming because you were not there, I can assure you because I was there and he was not far away at anytime, when she fell in the playground, 3/4 of the team were standing in the parking lot in front of where the playground was and matter of fact a friend of mine’s daughter was in the playground as well when she fell, when she fell he left with her immediately and they both left. Maybe you feel he did you wrong for whatever reason but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care nor love his kids and would not take care of them or allow them to be in danger, she was NEVER left alone I assure you and there are other people not even associated on our softball team that can say same thing…………..

    • Dear Bradley Anderson Jr…..this is the third time you wrote this (twice on facebook also) and writing it three times doesn’t make John any less guilty of putting softball over his daughter’s safety. You are just another minion in his life and you mean nothing to him. Way to stick up for your pitcher though. If he would have fallen and broke his arm I guess your team would be screwed. Good thing it was his daughter who tried to jump onto the monkey bars while alone on the playground or your season would be shot.

      Stick up for the irresponsible parent all you want….just shows his friends are no better than him.

  4. First off, I want to say that I was there with John when Tesla broke her arm, and we weren’t more than 50 ft from the playground. John is telling the truth when he states that there were other children playing on the playground with her. In fact, a couple were just as young as Tesla. John WAS watching his daughter, and the truth is, accidents happen, and as soon as she fell to the ground, John ran to her. This version of that Pattie has told all of you about what happened is an invention to make you all think what she wants you to think. She wants all of you to think that John is a terrible father who only thinks of himself when nothing could be further from the truth. If John cares so much more about softball than his own daughter, then why did he immediately leave to take her to the hospital when an uncaring father might have made his child wait until his softball games were finished. WE WEREN’T PLAYING A GAME AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT, AND JOHN WAS WATCHING HER THE WHOLE TIME. THAT IS THE TRUTH, AND ANYBODY WHO BELIEVES PATTIE’S STORY, WELL, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU ALL BECAUSE SHE HAS YOU CAUGHT, HOOK, LINE AND SINKER WITH ANOTHER ONE OF HER LIES!!!!!

    • No Eric, John just has you fooled. Tesla should not have been at that playground to start with. The ONLY reason you are even commenting on my blog is because John or someone involved with John pointed it out to you and you want to “stick up” for you pitcher. John is all about John.

      FACT: There is NO FUCKING WAY John could be watching his child while playing softball. Other kids Tesla’s age do not qualify as proper supervision.

      • We weren’t even playing a game at the time. This happened between games and you’re creating a truth that meets your opinion of him, and it’s a complete lie. I was there, I know what happened. You weren’t and so you create an illusion to make yourself look like the perfect mother when the fact is the judge had all the reason he needed when he gave custody to John. Continue to fool all these people but eventually they will see you for the person you are, a lying, manipulative, egotistical person who only thinks of herself.

      • Oh, that’s priceless. Again, another minion who doesn’t know shit.

  5. Let me set the record straight. I was there at the time that this happened. I am the Mom of the other little girl on the playground. We were sitting at the picnic tables right by the playground. We had time because this was in between games. Your daughter asked mine if she wanted to play. (My daughter is 10) They were the only two on the playground. There were no boys. Your little girl asked mine if she could lift her on the zip lines. So Brittany did that two times and then thought she was a little heavy and her arms started hurting so she didn’t want to lift her again so she didn’t drop her. So your little girl tried to jump for the zip line off the platform that was there and missed. The way she landed caused her accident with her arm. She did scream. I jumped up to go to her along with another Mom that was with me at the time. Before I got there her Dad was right there picking her up. (And there was an immediate gathering of other players that were concerned) He was standing right there. Only feet away. I don’t know your husband or your daughter. There are emt’s and medics on this ball team that ran to their vehicles to check her out and get supplies to splint her arm so she didn’t do any further damage to it. He didn’t hesitate to get her in the vehicle and rush her out to have her checked at a hospital-as soon as her arm was stable -which was a matter of less then 5 min. I don’t know John and we were there only to watch. But this is the true events as it went down. There was no wrong doing – it was a true accident. The same thing happened to my niece at the playground a few years ago. We hope she is doing okay. Jayne

    • So as I thought, her father WASN’T involved or watching Tesla on the playground. Had John (a man you don’t know) called the mother of his child, he could have played ball ALL day and Tesla wouldn’t have a broken arm. It’s NO accident that he would rather risk Tesla’s well-being than reach out to her mother (and still his wife) to care for her so he can still go do all the things he used to enjoy before he had a child. He regularly relies on his live-in girlfriend to babysit for him, but for whatever reason she couldn’t because she was busy with her kids.

      John wants everything to be his without sacrificing anything. Unless it’s something he feels he can live without. Pets, wives, friends, family and children…we are all disposable. You know not the man you write to defend.

      I know accidents happen. This was one that could have been prevented. It’s his stubborn, selfishness that causes the problems.

      If he really gave a shit what his daughter wants and needs, she would have been with me after the “accident” but once again, her father insisted, against Tesla’s wishes, that she remain with him until 7 PM. SELFISH & SELF-ABSORBED He never deserved me or the child I gave birth to.

      In his world, I would cease to exist.

      Thank you for your comment Jayne. I’m sure Tesla will be fine once her surgery is done. Oh, and when she lives with her mother.

  6. I just thought that maybe hearing from another Mom who was front and center would make you feel more relaxed about the truth. And I may be totally out of place but… Kids are highly effected by divorce (known for my own experience) and kids with parents that can be nice and cordial about visitation, family get togethers, holidays and vacations , birthdays etc make the child know they are the most important thing in both your lives. Kids know and feel the tension between broken couples. When they figure it out it’s not good. I always encouraged my child to go with her Dad. To go to family functions. To be there on holidays. As hard as it was at times. I put a smile on and did it for her. Kids would rather be from a broken home then be IN a broken home. Good luck to all of you.

    • I appreciate your comment. Honestly, I do. But the history between her father and I is so extensive I don’t expect anyone to understand. Hell, I don’t even understand half the time. John’s repeatedly lies to me, Tesla, my family, his family, friends and whatever girlfriend he may have at the time. No one trusts him. Not me, Tesla, his stepsons, ex-wife, family, friends, employees….I could go on and on but since everyone wants to believe I make this all up, I won’t.

      I’ve tried being cordial but in John’s world he is always right and I am always wrong. I have never told him he can’t see his child, but he does it to me as often as he possibly can. If he never had to let me see her, he wouldn’t. This man has control issues that can not be addressed through any therapy. A person must want to change to make a change and he believes there is nothing wrong with his narcissism. Narcissists never realize they are the problem…even after our therapist told him so.

  7. Anonymous says:

    YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!! Maybe look at yourself instead of talking crap about others, you can fix yourself, not other people

  8. puddentame says:

    WOW! I’m so stoked to find this blog, it’s the garbage dump of the internet! Keep up the good work, nothing like a Whiskey Tango Trainwreck to pass the time!!

    • Yes, my life is full of garbage. Lucky me. I do have a few roses within the compost area. People hate loving to look at a train wreck. I’m surviving so I just wave and appreciate the comments as you pass through. 🙂 ~P.

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