Parque de Pinchot

Cuando era niña me gustaba ir a la escuela. En la escuela primaria mi profesora favorita fue la Senora Holtzapple. Compartimos el mismo cumpleaños, el 9 de octubre. Le dí un cactus como un regalo.
En el verano mis amigos y yo montaba nuestras bicicletas y pasó nadando en el Parque de Pinchot. Hemos jugado etiqueta y escuchar nuestras cintas de cassette.
Mi programa de televisión favorito era The Dukes of Hazzard porque yo estaba enamorada de John Sneider. Fue el actor quien jugó Bo Duke y era muy guapo.

Mi grupo favorito de música como un niño fue Sha-na-na. Tuvieron una música y comedia mostrar.
Cuando no me sentía bien, que me sale en la cama. Mi madre me traería la medicina.

Go Diego Go! ~Oxpecker episode

Best of friends

First get past the fact Oxpecker is in the title of this cartoon and my post.

Second, the other animal in this episode is hippopotamus, Greek for “Water Horse” and called a hippo.  I guess that is close enough to an ox.

No bird on this bull. I totally dig the bull though. lol

Finally, they share a symbiotic relationship. This is close and often long-term interaction between different biological species.  (wiki)

Gather my many friends

I wish Diego spoke more Spanish in the cartoon.  I would love to hear him say  The “oxpecker pecks the bugs off the back of a hippo to survive. ” The fact that this huge animal depends on a little bird to keep the parasites from eating him to death………..all the hippos keep the alligators away by showing their teeth and making loud noises.  If only humans could work together so well.  (no bug eating off of each other though…ew!)

Hippo and his Oxpecker

Tambien, I am jealous of Dora the Explorer’s amazing mochilla.  That chica can pull anything out of that backpack!

Give up the goods mochilla!

Dora is going to help me write my divorce party invitations and she doesn’t even know it.  Can’t she just pull them out of the backpack with everything else?  If she can fit raincoats, umbrellas, snowboards, and more…surely a divorce party invites, balloons and a cake will fit!  I know ella can do it!

Celebrate with Me!

Ok…back to studying Spanish with Tesla.  We are baking brownies too! She thought she had everything in the bowl.  I told her she forgot the egg.  Her solution… LOL

Tesla quickly added the egg to the brownie mix

So many topics in one blogpost!

Adios mi amigos,


The Spanish Chef

Second oral presentation in Spanish II.


Hola!  Soy una jefa de cocina y me llamo Rosetta Ramírez.

Me gustan las frutas como los plátanos y las uvas.  También, me gusta el yogur y la granola.

Mi familia y yo comemos estos ingredientes en un parfait.  Es refrescante comer fruta.

Los ingredientes son: plátanos, uva, granola, y yogur.

Los pasos para preparar el parfait son:

Primero, usted coloca los plátanos cortados en el tazón.

Segundo, usted coloca la granola encima de los plátanos.

Después, usted coloca las uvas y el yogur de Dannon en el tazón.

Por último, usted coloca la granola encima del yogur.


Es delicioso y usted disfrutará comer un parfait.

Gracias por escuchar la receta favorita de mi familia.


Hello! I am a chef and my name is Rosetta Ramírez. I like fruits such as the bananas and the grapes. Also, I like the yogurt and the granola.

My family and I eat these ingredients in a parfait. It is refreshing to eat fruit.

The ingredients are: bananas, grape, granola, yogurt.

The steps to prepare the parfait are:

First, you place the cut bananas in the bowl.

Second, you place the granola on the bananas.

Then you place the grapes and the Dannon Yogurt in the bowl.

Finally, you place the granola on top of the yogurt.

It is delicious and you will enjoy eating a parfait.

Thank you for listening to a favorite recipe for my family.


There is a dog in the hall

My day went rather well.  Nothing earth-shaking happened and I appreciate the occasional, uneventful day.

First off was Spanish II and we had to do oral presentations.   I spoke as “Maria Gonzalez” about my visit to Cancun.  I  told them about the Mayan ruins, the beautiful beaches, and shopping for hand-made goods.  I took an empty bottle of Kahlua that was shaped like the Aztec architecture in that region, two hand-beaded necklaces, a woven purse, a painted clay dish and the tickets I had for entering the ruins at the city Chichen Itza.  I managed to speak my new name, where I went, what I wore,  what I did, bought, liked…etc.  I earned an 82% and that made me happy.

Second was Document Design class but we had a speaker instead.  She talked about internships, resumes, cover letters…blah blah.  I did my homework for Human Communications during her presentation.  Occasionally I would look up, nod my head and even make a relevent comment.  Other than that, I was absorbed in HumCom and finished the paper before she was even done her speech.

Last class was Writing 202 and we were discussing our topics for research.  My professor asked what my topic was and I said dogs.  I deliberately gave a super broad topic and waited for her to say, “And what about dogs?” to nudge me on with my specifics.

“I want to research skin care for hairless breeds of dogs.  Due to this breed of dog’s extreme tendency to have acne-ridden, dry, skin I hope to find the best way to care for my dog.”

“I see,’ Nancy answered.  “Your dog doesn’t have hair?” she asked.

“Not really,” I answered.

Jumping into the conversation someone yelled out, “Can she bring him in the day she presents?

That’s not really a cool idea.  If I’m giving a presentation, the last thing I want to worry about is Ying peeing on the floor while I talk! 

Actually, he is in my car right now, I’ll go get him,”  I offered.

I ran out to my car and put Ying on the leash.  We walked down the hallway like we owned the place.  My classmates thought Ying was so cute and so well-behaved.  He walked around the room saying hi to everyone, then curled up at my feet.  At least he behaves in front of crowds.  My example of summarizing a chapter of a story earned me 47/50.  Happy with that too!

Class was over and we beat feet and paws off campus.

Me and Ying…..out.





Pollos y Gatos

chickens (pollos) and cats (gatos)

“Chickens & Cats”  Vacation in Mexico!  Spanish followed by English.


El año pasado viajé a Playa del Carmen Méjico por un semana.

Recib una oferta spectacular para  alquilar  un auto para cinco dias.  Sólo cuesta tres mil trescientos ochenta y uno pesos.  ¡Es una ganga!  Conduje mi auto de zona arqueológica de Chichen Itza.  Me gustaba el arte hecho a mano y me compré una bolsa azul y negra.

Nadé en de cenote de Dzitnup.  El agua de cenote es calido y limpio.  Busqué en el parque de nacional marine.  Me gustaban la tortugas gigantes y el pez de colores hermoso.

Muchas mujeres de Maya venden quesadillas para cincuenta pesos.  Yo compré dos y fue deliciosa.  Yo pregunté a la mujer “son de pollos y no gatos.  ¿Verdad?”  ¡Si! ella dicha.  Ellas todas reido conmingo.

Soy Tonto,


Last year I traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week.  I received a spectacular offer to rent a car for five days.  It cost 3,381 pesos.  ($311.00)   It is a bargain!  I drove my car to the archeological zone of Chichen Itza.  I liked the handmade art and a bought a black and blue purse.

I swam in the natural spring of Dzitnup.  The water in the spring was warm and clean.  I scuba dove in the National Marine Park.  I liked the giant turtles and the many colored fish.

Many women of Maya sell quesadillas for fifty pesos.  I buy two and they were delicious.  I questioned the woman “they are of chicken and not cat. True?”   “Yes!” she said.  They all laugh with me.

I am silly,



Carol Brady and her daughters Marsha and Cindy: Spanish

Carol Brady y tres hijas

Carol Brady, Marsha -Kristin James, Cindy -Olivia Sederstrom  Our Spanish class trio.

Translation at bottom 🙂  LOL

Carol Brady – Hola, soy Carol Brady. Tengo tres hijas. Sus nombres son Cindy, Jan, y Marsha. Esta es mi hija Cindy. Ella es mi hija menor. Ella tiene siete años. Ella es muy divertida. Cindy ama a su familia. Cindy es una chismosa grande!

Cindy Brady – Hola, soy Cindy. Tengo dos hermanas. Ésta es mi hermana Marsha. Ella está enamorada de Davey Jones. Marsha es mi hermana mayor.

Marsha – Es verdad, estoy enamorado de Davey Jones. Amo a mi familia, pero tengo muchos hermanos. Esta es nuestra madre, Carol. Ella no cocina mucho, porque Alice es nuestra camarera.

Cindy Brady – Nuestra madre le gusta cantar en el coro de su iglesia. Ella tiene una voz bonita.

My possible ending:
End with this?  Mi espouso es Mike Brady y ello tre hijos, Greg, Bobby y Peter.  Noestro muy grande familia.  Gracias Hasta Lavista!  Did I write it correctly?  My spouse is Mike Brandy and his 3 sons, Greg, Bobby and Peter.  We are a large family.  Thank you, See you later!

Carol Brady — Hello, I am Carol Brady. I have three daughters. Their names are Cindy, Jan, and Marsha. This is my daughter Cindy. She is my youngest daughter. She is seven years old. She is very funny. Cindy loves her family. Cindy is a big tattletale!

Cindy Brady — Hi, I am Cindy. I have two sisters. This is my sister Marsha. She is in love with Davey Jones. Marsha is my oldest sister.

Marsha — It is true, i am in love with Davey Jones. I love my family, but i have many siblings. This is our mother, Carol. She does not cook much because Alice is our maid.

Cindy Brady-Our mother likes to sing in the church choir.  She has a pretty voice.

I end with this?

Carol Brady:  Mi espouso es Mike Brady y ello tre hijos, Greg, Bobby y Peter.  Noestro muy grande familia.  Gracias Hasta Lavista!  Did I write it correctly?  My spouse is Mike Brandy and his 3 sons, Greg, Bobby and Peter.  We are a large family.  Thank you, See you later!

What do my readers think?  Comment…if it’s good for class and not to hard we will try it!

That’s concludes #4.  (Now I just have to memorize and speak it.)

Adios.  Next numbre.

In no perticular order,


El companero de cuarto

Un residencia estudiantil

Dos estudiantes

Trece papeleras

Cuatro sillas

Cinco libros

Seis examenes

Siete plumas

Ocho profesoras

Nueve cuadernos

Diez fotografias

Nueve cervezas

Ocho pelotas

Siete plantas

Seis roja tazas

Cinco amigos

Cuatro Chicas

Tres televisiones

Dos poetas

Un bano

bike down

I made a BAD decision today.  Probably not the only bad decision, but this one was a doozy.

I rode my harley to classes today, enjoying the nice weather.  I decided to park as close to the humanities building as possible.  Crossing over the tiny stream, my cycle was swept down by the water and it was so slimy standing on the concrete crossway, I couldn’t pick up my bike.  Finally I had some volunteers who didn’t mind wet feet.

As if Spanish isn’t bad enough, two hours of it soaking wet with nasty smelling creek water took the prize.  Life is interesting.

~P.   (who has showered and washed her smelly clothes)

Mi rutina (My routine)

My second Spanish composition….

En la mañana yo quiero ir el parque y jugar el béisbol con me hija.  Nos
gusta escuchar a las gritas de los niños mientras ellos juegan el béisbol.  Yo paso mucho tiempo con me hija en la pincina.  Nosotras preferimos nadar en agua
el fresco.  Me hijo trabaja a la pincina y nosotras vamos para ver a ello.

En la tarde, vamos a pasear y compartimos la conversacion.  Nosotras
comemos el helado en el verano.  Yo prefiero el chocolate y ella prefierie la frutilla.  Espero viajar a la playa y tomar el sol.

En la noche yo tengo muchas responsabilidades en la casa.  Yo tengo qué preparar la cena por las familias.  Ellos tienen mucho hambre por el bistec y la langosta.  Nosotros desamos
comer la comida deliciosa.  Después de la cena yo limpio la cocina.  Me familia
mira la television.  Yo prefiero la lectura en el noche.

Mis muchachas van a las montañas conmigo.    Nosotras llegamos en la tarde.  Ellas preparan ir de excursion.  Las montañas son cerca del río.  Nosotras encuentramos las piedras bonitas.  Mi hijo, Jarrid es muy tonto.  Él tiene mucho miedo  el pez.
Jarrid no le gustan las pecas.

Mi pasatiempo favorito es ser con mi familia.  Yo tengo dos bueno hijos y
una inteligente hija.  Yo escribo electrónico por Jarrid y Zeth a leer.
Nosotros también hablamos por el teléfono celular.   Ellos gusta habla con Tesla todos los días.


Under a rock in Spain

Calpe rock~Calpe, Spain

I haven’t been blogging lately as Spanish is taking up all my time.  Ifeel like I’m living under a rock!  Two hours in class from Mon-Thurs and Spanish tutoring two hours in the afternoon or evening depending on schedules.  Also consuming my time is my visits to my darling friend Kristin.  She started learning Spanish in 7th grade through college.  God Blessed this woman with patience, as I torture her in my ignorance.

There has been several break throughs since I began taking Summer Spanish.  I was tempted to drop it, but I’ve decided to stick it out and throw my heart into it.  I’ve even started talking to Tesla in Spanish because talking to a 5 year old is so much easier!  My ego was a bit crushed when I was counting cookies on the kid’s napkins at Tesla’s daycare.  A little boy named Sherrod heard me miss a number and was quick to correct me.  I started to giggle, then all the kids began giggling and next thing I know the little girl to Tesla’s right announced she was made of trees.  Sherrod chimed in next being made of cheeseburgers followed by a little boy who was made of dinosaurs.  Tesla giggled along but didn’t announce what she was made of.  I was tempted to announce I was made of macaroni and cheese, but snack time was winding down and Tesla and I were ready to leave the tiny table with tiny chairs.

Back to Spanish, we had an oral exam on Tuesday.  I was nervous but decided if I screwed up, how bad could it be?  I spoke with a partner asking him where he was from, how old his father was, where he works, if he had a girlfriend and what was his favorite beer.  The prof. and classmates found that amusing.  Even more amusing was the professor telling us when everyone was done that 4 people mispronounce anos and gave their ages in anus.  Easy, but embarrassing one to screw up.  I, Thank God, did not announce I have 40 anuses.

We received our grades today for the oral exam in class.  I received a 36/40.  Considering my test scores have been in the 60’s I was happy.  Tonight I had a break-through in ar and ir verbs congigating.  Felt so good that I called it a night, took a shower and decided to blog because I was seriously tempted to pick up my Spanish book and see what else I can teach an old dog.  Speaking of dogs…my room mate John has an eleven year old son.  Their dog ran off and never came back.  She was old and I’m guessing was ready to call it a good life.  To replace Lola, Mattchew (my nickname for him) picked out a kitten through a friend of a friend of mine…The kitten is cute and very friendly.  We were throwing out names ideas and two of mine became top choices (after John and I convinced Mattchew that Bob wasn’t a cool name for a kitten.  My suggestion that stuck was Nytro….the one that almost made first choice….Taco.


PS-John told me in Hawaii, taco means octopus.  Now that’s weird!


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