There is a dog in the hall

My day went rather well.  Nothing earth-shaking happened and I appreciate the occasional, uneventful day.

First off was Spanish II and we had to do oral presentations.   I spoke as “Maria Gonzalez” about my visit to Cancun.  I  told them about the Mayan ruins, the beautiful beaches, and shopping for hand-made goods.  I took an empty bottle of Kahlua that was shaped like the Aztec architecture in that region, two hand-beaded necklaces, a woven purse, a painted clay dish and the tickets I had for entering the ruins at the city Chichen Itza.  I managed to speak my new name, where I went, what I wore,  what I did, bought, liked…etc.  I earned an 82% and that made me happy.

Second was Document Design class but we had a speaker instead.  She talked about internships, resumes, cover letters…blah blah.  I did my homework for Human Communications during her presentation.  Occasionally I would look up, nod my head and even make a relevent comment.  Other than that, I was absorbed in HumCom and finished the paper before she was even done her speech.

Last class was Writing 202 and we were discussing our topics for research.  My professor asked what my topic was and I said dogs.  I deliberately gave a super broad topic and waited for her to say, “And what about dogs?” to nudge me on with my specifics.

“I want to research skin care for hairless breeds of dogs.  Due to this breed of dog’s extreme tendency to have acne-ridden, dry, skin I hope to find the best way to care for my dog.”

“I see,’ Nancy answered.  “Your dog doesn’t have hair?” she asked.

“Not really,” I answered.

Jumping into the conversation someone yelled out, “Can she bring him in the day she presents?

That’s not really a cool idea.  If I’m giving a presentation, the last thing I want to worry about is Ying peeing on the floor while I talk! 

Actually, he is in my car right now, I’ll go get him,”  I offered.

I ran out to my car and put Ying on the leash.  We walked down the hallway like we owned the place.  My classmates thought Ying was so cute and so well-behaved.  He walked around the room saying hi to everyone, then curled up at my feet.  At least he behaves in front of crowds.  My example of summarizing a chapter of a story earned me 47/50.  Happy with that too!

Class was over and we beat feet and paws off campus.

Me and Ying…..out.





The end is near

Did you hear?

This semester has flown by!  I have been so busy with New Religions, Hellraisers, Square dancing, Sculpture, and writing in general….

I turned in my rough draft of the New Religious Movement I have established.  It is evolving as I add new bits and pieces from our class books, television programs I’ve watched, websites I visited etc. The end is near and….. Lady Gaga is the Disciple of “Ga”…  I need to work on the final draft after she returns it and in the meantime I am making a slideshow presentation.  I’m not sure how to put that in my blog yet.

My presentation for “The Hellbound Heart” is coming up on November 15th.  Also test number 4 in Spanish.

Conference at school for Tesla on the 16th.

The 17th…Literature of Terror test #2.  Dracula…novel, play and films.

The 19th is Scott Wolf’s fundraising party.

The 21st at 3:15 PM the custody decision will be made at the York Courthouse.

Written report for Lit of Terror class is due Nov. 22nd.  My Recommendation Report concerning The Spartan for writing class is also due that day.

Wednesday the 23rd – 27th, Thanksgiving Break!!!!  🙂  Wrapping up some pieces of work and working ahead time.  Oh, and blog time.  Will catch everyone up on the custody decision.

Dec. 6th Oral Spanish “group presentation”  I dread this but will survive.  lol

Dec 8th Presentation of Lady Gaga cult in Religions class.

Looking forward to Christmas break,



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