The end is near

Did you hear?

This semester has flown by!  I have been so busy with New Religions, Hellraisers, Square dancing, Sculpture, and writing in general….

I turned in my rough draft of the New Religious Movement I have established.  It is evolving as I add new bits and pieces from our class books, television programs I’ve watched, websites I visited etc. The end is near and….. Lady Gaga is the Disciple of “Ga”…  I need to work on the final draft after she returns it and in the meantime I am making a slideshow presentation.  I’m not sure how to put that in my blog yet.

My presentation for “The Hellbound Heart” is coming up on November 15th.  Also test number 4 in Spanish.

Conference at school for Tesla on the 16th.

The 17th…Literature of Terror test #2.  Dracula…novel, play and films.

The 19th is Scott Wolf’s fundraising party.

The 21st at 3:15 PM the custody decision will be made at the York Courthouse.

Written report for Lit of Terror class is due Nov. 22nd.  My Recommendation Report concerning The Spartan for writing class is also due that day.

Wednesday the 23rd – 27th, Thanksgiving Break!!!!  🙂  Wrapping up some pieces of work and working ahead time.  Oh, and blog time.  Will catch everyone up on the custody decision.

Dec. 6th Oral Spanish “group presentation”  I dread this but will survive.  lol

Dec 8th Presentation of Lady Gaga cult in Religions class.

Looking forward to Christmas break,



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