My hairless dog died

Losing a pet just sucks.

Over 13 years ago, I decided I was buying a hairless dog. I’ve never really went into why, if people asked, and usually just let the question go away with “I have allergies.” (Which I do)

A B&W for a photo course. Ying was an excellent model.

The reason I had a hairless dog is my ex-husband didn’t want a dog loose in the house. Dogs shed. He kept his golden retriever in a small gated off area downstairs. It was roomy for a dog pen, but lonely. So, I fixed that problem easy, and this hairless pup I found in TX, was born on my birthday. It was fate. I needed him by my side. Ying arrived in December 2008.

I left the no-roaming-dog house 2 months later.

Ying was the one constant in my life. He went everywhere with me. If I didn’t have him, people asked where he was. I felt like Ying and I attended college together. As long as the weather was acceptable for him to hang out, he would lay around in the car, waiting for my class to end, and we would walk campus.

He was spry and one day, got away from me off the leash. There was no catching Ying. After about 5 minutes he returned with a dinner roll in his mouth. He was fast as fuck, as they say.

For a photography course project, I asked a local tattoo artist, Tom Keller, who has since passed away, if he would pretend to tattoo Ying. He was completely down for the photo shoot. It started a STORM on the internet!! Like I would have even have tried tattooing him, or that Ying would just sit and get tattooed at all.

I’m so glad I have these photos I took of him while I was taking all the photography courses. I will have to go through all the ones I printed to see how many final ones I have. I only have one out that was a final part of my grade.

Found this of Ying and Tom Keller hiding in a box.

He was my protector. In his younger days he would go into a frenzy when someone got near me. He bit a lot of people, no joke there. But, after our last move, he wasn’t nearly as over-protective. He was old. Now and then, he would chase the kitten a little bit. Or even walk fast when we were out for a stroll, headed back home, of course. But, I knew the end was getting near.

He had been up in the garden two days ago. I thought he might have gotten in compost or even cat turds. He was throwing up and had the poops. Even after he licked at the water bowl and ate a little rice, he didn’t look good last night. He couldn’t walk. He enjoyed laying outside earlier in the sun. It was a beautiful day. He didn’t seem to be in pain. I carried him into his heated bed and petted his head. I told him he was a good dog. He looked back at me and I know he could hear me, letting him know it was ok to go.

He was a great dog. I will miss him. What a history we have.


Reminds Me of Dirty Cotton

Ying and I are home chilling on the couch; I have a spiced rum and coke, he has a strange smell to himself that he wishes to share with my legs and butt, nearly curled in a circle, chin resting on my right foot. This is a big no-no, but I let him snuggle when Brian’s not home. Shhh, don’t tell.

I am watching Access Hollywood for no particular reason. Katy Perry is on. Tesla loves Katy Perry. Those costumes from her tour are amazing.

Wow, Bruce Jenner is really changing his looks.  I’ve never seen his show. I bet that’s crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy, activity on my blog has been crazy, especially yesterday. The Amish Mafia post kicked up a storm. Not as big as Lady Gaga creating her own religion. I’m not sure where balloons fall for popular posts. Don’t mind me. My brain wanders, but does return.

Today was less busy with visits, as the regular followers of Amish Mafia already read it. They’re usually one-shot readers. Instead, today it got specific as comments mounted and defenses on both ends went up. I have no idea if the Amish Mafia people read my regular, usually rather boring, life posts. (I have no idea who reads my blog unless you like or comment) I am the middle of the tug-of-war between one woman, with a supposed load of emails from the lead character, where they have a love affair online. The other end of the rope is another woman involved with a character on the show. Seriously, it could be an episode on the show, except it’s real life.

Moving on, the York Mayor was in a commercial about helping homeless children in York. I met Mayor Bracey at a function for the Youth Center.   We talked quite a bit and she knew Brian well. Brian’s considering a career change.  She would make a great reference.  I think she’s doing a good job. Of course, I don’t walk down West Jackson Street after dark either.

Ying moved to the other end of the couch. I guess my ass and legs weren’t comfortable enough. He needs his hair trimmed. The fuzz on his butt is getting out of control, like squirrels fought a battle there. It reminds me of dirty cotton.

dirty sheep

Thirty minutes till my man is home.


Hairless and Chinese~Ying

Ying is insensitive, pushy, and enjoys licking his ass and balls.  He steals any food left setting within his reach.  Everything is an obstacle for him to jump.  He is sneaky, opening the door and escaping at every opportunity.  He enjoys rolling in the dirt or grass immediately after getting a bath.  His gas is deadly and he snores and bites.  He was also born on my 38th birthday which makes him special….real special.  ~P.

Posing for the camera….click on the first pictures to open the gallery.

Dachshunds who love their monkey

My friend’s doxies are adorable.  They have so much energy it was hard to catch them on camera.  Brandy and Voggie refused to be photographed together.  LOL  ~P.

Brandy eyes

Brandy melts hearts with those eyes.

Brandy Hides

Hide and Seek with Brandy

hello Brandy

Any closer and dog kisses are guaranteed.

Brandy side profile

Attempted lens licking

Attempted lens licking

Voggie eyes

Voggie takes down the monkey while remaining in control of his ball

Voggie takes down the monkey while remaining in control of his ball

He refused to look me in the eyes...

He refused to look me in the eyes…

Look into my I can steal your sandwich.

Look into my eyes…so I can steal your sandwich.

He ate sh*t

Thank you for all the messages, texts and calls asking if I am doing alright.  I was one sick pup.

A week ago, I couldn’t stop vomiting.  I couldn’t focus on my finals or even the computer screen.  Given that I wasn’t improving, I went to the emergency room.  Stomach virus diagnosed but the doctors were concerned about the pain in my abdomen.  Lucky me got an internal exam in the ER and they took a sample of every bodily fluid possible.  The only thing they didn’t take a sample of was my poo.

The medication from the hospital slowed the projectile vomiting but didn’t stop it completely.  The next day I had a strange bowel movement.  Yeah, I know gross topic.  When I say “strange” bowel movement, I mean STRANGE.  There was this little ball in there, looked like tapioca.  I never saw anything like it before.  (not that I usually check out my poo, but because of being sick I was taking a keener interest than usual.)

I go see my family doctor and he gives me a lab slip to take a bowel sample to Wellspan to check for parasites.  Ok, now I was getting a little freaked out.  How the hell would I get a parasite?!  Well, college students are known for eating any food left out which is especially common around the holidays and right before Christmas break.  My doctor said it is possible to pick up a parasite anywhere.  That being said, a college campus must be a haven for parasites and germs.

The next day I poo in a “hat” and have to drive it within the hour to Wellspan.  I get to the one over on Monument Road in York but I’m not sure which building has the laboratory in it.  I park and go to the closest door.  The receptionist tells me I’m one building off so I head back out to my car to complete the poo delivery.  I get out to the car and Ying is jumping around all happy to see me.  I unlock and open the car door and the smell practically knocks me over.  The specimen container has been chewed open and my sample has been sampled.  I start retching in the parking lot absolutely disgusted by my shit eating dog.  The bowl is 95% empty but I still went over to the lab.  I explained my dog ate my sample and I would attempt to deliver another.  The sad little turds I submitted were rejected in person and I was given a new specimen container and told to come back when I could produce a larger sample.  My nurse did state that this was a first for her, no other patient has claimed their dog ate their shit.

So today, on what I had hoped might be my last earthly day, instead became sample delivery day without the canine interference.

Looks like the world is not ending.  I put up my Christmas tree.

Going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight with Dale.

Happy Holidays to all!  Jesus is the reason for this season.  Not Santa!!!

Still kicking on the last day of the world,


PS. Does this mean Ying might get a parasite?

It wasn’t King Solomon, it was the landlord

Such attention!

It wasn’t King Solomon, it was my landlord.  And there wasn’t a baby involved, but a dog.

I knew something was up when he called and left a message, then called again a few hours later.  I didn’t recognize his phone number and was too busy voting to take a call.

He is a wise landlord.  Don’t tell anyone in the neighborhood or at the office that he is evicting my dog Ying.  When I call in protest, he tells me to find out who has a problem with my dog.

I found out that things didn’t add up with the information written in my letter that I showed all but three residents.  I learned that three of her six people that backed the charges of my dog being a nuisance to the neighborhood recanted with personal calls to the landlord himself.

Did these people even sign their names?  Beats me.

Do I care?  No, because my plan of action was no action.  Sometimes that is the most effective and efficient then going off the deep end or seething in anger.  There was no way my dog was leaving me.  The landlord even knew.   But my calling his bluff as he wanted, certainly brought out the truth.

The yards are everyone’s yards.  Get along, talk nice, mind your own business.

I think the message was made clear.  This was his first yard-feud that almost caused “a dog to be collateral damage” as he referred to Ying.  I personally thought of it as a “shit showdown” or “to poo or not to poo, but where is the question?”

Life is never dull and I’m glad this shit is over.


Affordable Pet Grooming

Getting Handsome Again

Today I got a treat.  I didn’t have to bathe and clip Ying.

Let me tell you, he stunk.

I met Amey Neidlinger for the first time today at Posh Fur.  Amey specializes in individualized grooming services with quality products for your dog or cat at a reasonable price.

While grooming Ying,  Amey told me about herself and her business.  She graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of Grooming in Indiana, PA in 2007.   She has always had a passion for dogs and even refers to herself as part dog.  Her love of dogs is what pushed her to pursue a grooming business.

Posh Fur is a spacious, pet-friendly location.  Amey prefers customers let their pet in her care so she can give them her focused attention and in return, the pet will give her their focus.  Owners can be distracting to their pets during grooming.

Ying was pampered from head to toe:

First his ears were clipped and cleaned out.

Toenails clipped.

Foot pads shaved.

Bathed with yucca shampoo.

Shower massage rinse.

Hair and skin conditioned.

Towel and hand blown dry.

Hair trimmed and skin shaved.

Doggy cologne.

Ying enjoyed the hydrosurge bathing system and Amey’s drying technique.  Kennels are not used at Posh Paws.  Drying is a hands-on procedure only.

All of Ying’s information was written onto a client card.  Not just his name and breed, but scars, skin tags, birthmarks, brand of products used, and clipper blade size.  Oh, and my information too, of course.


Some other services Amey offers are flea bathing, teeth brushing and manual anal expression.  Services for cats and dogs start at $25 and upwards depending on services needed.

Amey was knowledgeable about her products and services.  She and Ying got along wonderfully and I feel confident in her ability to make Ying as handsome as a hairless dog can look.

Looking for a friendly, affordable groomer for you pets?  Call Amey Neidlinger at 717-332-6681 to schedule your pet’s individual pampering session.

Tell her Girlboxer1970 sent you and get $5 off your first grooming session!

Fresh and fluffy,



Bicycles and the Magic 8 Ball

We had a magical weekend riding bicycles, asking the Magic 8 Ball important questions and posing for pictures.  Our kids love to have their photo taken!

A dog day weekend worth

So I’m really enjoying my photography class.  I have lined-up some models (a nude included) to work on my portrait photos.  While I’m doing that, I’m also taking pictures with my digital camera.  For shits and giggles ya know?

Wow, my SD card has 86 pictures on it!  Time to load them and see what I have as blog material photos.  The pictures are anything from me goofing off experimenting, pictures of the kids and some shots arranged for artistic appeal.

Ying is a great model.  Such expression and depth in his photo shoot.   🙂



Ying woke

Ying woke early Saturday morning, stretching his long furry legs on the luxurious king size memory foam mattress fitted with six hundred thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, a silky comforter embellished with beautiful geometric shapes in various sizes, sixteen pillows matching the comforter’s pattern and colors all situated on an expensive handmade dark mahogany four poster bed passed down through eight generations of his owner’s family-German in descent-and shoved his cold nose into her hand, eager to get their morning routine started.

“It’s Saturday mutt!  Get away!” she yelled.

(Assignment was to write one sentence of at least 75 words followed by a short sentence)

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