Affordable Pet Grooming

Getting Handsome Again

Today I got a treat.  I didn’t have to bathe and clip Ying.

Let me tell you, he stunk.

I met Amey Neidlinger for the first time today at Posh Fur.  Amey specializes in individualized grooming services with quality products for your dog or cat at a reasonable price.

While grooming Ying,  Amey told me about herself and her business.  She graduated from The Pennsylvania Academy of Grooming in Indiana, PA in 2007.   She has always had a passion for dogs and even refers to herself as part dog.  Her love of dogs is what pushed her to pursue a grooming business.

Posh Fur is a spacious, pet-friendly location.  Amey prefers customers let their pet in her care so she can give them her focused attention and in return, the pet will give her their focus.  Owners can be distracting to their pets during grooming.

Ying was pampered from head to toe:

First his ears were clipped and cleaned out.

Toenails clipped.

Foot pads shaved.

Bathed with yucca shampoo.

Shower massage rinse.

Hair and skin conditioned.

Towel and hand blown dry.

Hair trimmed and skin shaved.

Doggy cologne.

Ying enjoyed the hydrosurge bathing system and Amey’s drying technique.  Kennels are not used at Posh Paws.  Drying is a hands-on procedure only.

All of Ying’s information was written onto a client card.  Not just his name and breed, but scars, skin tags, birthmarks, brand of products used, and clipper blade size.  Oh, and my information too, of course.


Some other services Amey offers are flea bathing, teeth brushing and manual anal expression.  Services for cats and dogs start at $25 and upwards depending on services needed.

Amey was knowledgeable about her products and services.  She and Ying got along wonderfully and I feel confident in her ability to make Ying as handsome as a hairless dog can look.

Looking for a friendly, affordable groomer for you pets?  Call Amey Neidlinger at 717-332-6681 to schedule your pet’s individual pampering session.

Tell her Girlboxer1970 sent you and get $5 off your first grooming session!

Fresh and fluffy,




  1. Ok this is a lil weird. Part dog herself??? LOL

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