Holy Sh*t~Did that just happen?

I try to let Ying poo every chance he wants to.  That is, to poo outside.  That is the main goal here.   His form of pooping is funny to me.  Probably not Ying.  But I try to be encouraging for his benefit.  He of course loves the attention.  (He likes any attention.)  So I just decided to video his process.  Here is what I really got:

I bumped my phone or something and it stopped recording. I started again. We walked across the driveway…

I called the police (one) came.  Cop (d0n’t know who, no card.  I had mine for him…) he mentioned my name has been involved in two calls recently.  I said yes but not related.  He said, “oh”

I told him I had her on video (and she knew that) but he didn’t care to see it.

But you can.



  1. Ahh when you live in an apt complex you don’t really own a yard…its community.property…if she wants a private yard then rent a private house.

  2. the older son says:

    id tell her to fuck off =P telling u thats her yard. well tell her to take her yard and put it inside her house if thats her property.. u live in a small strip of houses connected, none of that yard space is any of urs lol..

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