Virtual sinning isn’t cheap

No, it’s not a good way to start an essay. Ok, over that.

Facebook rules the world in a round-about way.

Yes, I know GOD rules the world.  Please don’t comment to me that I am going to hell, I should be murdered, burned, suffer for all of eternity.  The effect of those comments wore off after the first three.

When you want to communicate quickly, you use Facebook to get your message out fast and as far-reaching as possible.  Instantly, you have just shared something, any bit of info sent electronically across the Internet, has just been released to the entire world.

Hell, even the word Internet is capitalized.  It just became a proper noun and Facebook has become the link around the world that all connects us with God.  There are churches, preachers, priests, pastors and more online.  We all can be friends on Facebook, in fact, friend is now a verb; “Friend me, I’ll accept.”

The ability to touch the lives of people across the world instantly is a phenomenon that no one really talks about.  Facebook is similar to a constantly in motion subway.  People are able to jump on and off at will, with a click of their mouse.  The ability to jump on and off a moving subway car comes at a price.  Once information is shared, it is on the Internet forever.  The good, the bad, the ugly.

Just wait.  I’m telling you right now that on December 21st 2012 the Internet is going to crash.  Maybe permanently!  Imagine a world without the internet.  You can’t do it can you? 

The internet is many things: a link connecting most of the world to each other, a place to gather, a place to share information, a place to proclaim your belief of God (or not) and a place to sin.  So much good, yet always there are the bad things that come from the Internet, meet on the internet, troll on the internet.  The internet is not a safe place.

The Internet is my virtual life.  Facebook connects me with the world and it is God’s filing system.  God knew humans would get smarter than our britches and organize an endless, eternal pulse of energy that relays all our information effortlessly.  Now we are screwed.  

So I proclaim stuff all the time.  I make shit up-from scratch-but I’m serious about God.  That all knowing alien in the sky.  Heck the Mayan’s even knew about Jesus Christ as his name is mentioned inside a ruin site as a returning prophet of the future.  The visiting speaker on campus said that in his lecture in Demester Hall.  That hall was packed to the gills.  Standing room only for the witty speaker and his fresh take on the Apocalypse.

Poor Dale was stuck beside a guy with body odor issues.  The dude beside me kept drifting off to sleep and even had the nerve to snore during this very important (to me) lecture.  If he had become louder with his rudeness, I would have woke him and told him to get the hell out because he was ruining my listening experience.

I have many direct links to the Internet.  The average person has at least one, but most likely, more than one.  In total, I can access the web on: York College campus, my phone as a hotspot and direct link, Dale’s phone, my laptop, my son’s phone, Dale’s office, any McDonald’s, Rutters’, etc.  Short of living in an undeveloped country, the Internet is available to everyone.

I read the sins of many on the Internet.  The stories of murder, rape, child abuse, tragedy.  This world is a disgusting place that causes my stomach to twist into knots.  If God is looking down on us and here to save us, how can life as we know it continue?  Humans have disappointed God in every possible way. When will that change?  Ever?  Please God, take me on December 21, 2012.  I am ready for your call.

Could the apocalyptic signs talked about in the Bible be true and we are nearly at the end of the world?  No one knows but God.  He is the only one who knows the true end of days.  The preparation for the end of days is easy.  Get right with God.  Admit your sins and ask his forgiveness.  The truth will set you free.

Free Internet would be great.  It cost a fortune to have access at home and virtual sinning isn’t cheap. 


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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