Carol Brady and her daughters Marsha and Cindy: Spanish

Carol Brady y tres hijas

Carol Brady, Marsha -Kristin James, Cindy -Olivia Sederstrom  Our Spanish class trio.

Translation at bottom 🙂  LOL

Carol Brady – Hola, soy Carol Brady. Tengo tres hijas. Sus nombres son Cindy, Jan, y Marsha. Esta es mi hija Cindy. Ella es mi hija menor. Ella tiene siete años. Ella es muy divertida. Cindy ama a su familia. Cindy es una chismosa grande!

Cindy Brady – Hola, soy Cindy. Tengo dos hermanas. Ésta es mi hermana Marsha. Ella está enamorada de Davey Jones. Marsha es mi hermana mayor.

Marsha – Es verdad, estoy enamorado de Davey Jones. Amo a mi familia, pero tengo muchos hermanos. Esta es nuestra madre, Carol. Ella no cocina mucho, porque Alice es nuestra camarera.

Cindy Brady – Nuestra madre le gusta cantar en el coro de su iglesia. Ella tiene una voz bonita.

My possible ending:
End with this?  Mi espouso es Mike Brady y ello tre hijos, Greg, Bobby y Peter.  Noestro muy grande familia.  Gracias Hasta Lavista!  Did I write it correctly?  My spouse is Mike Brandy and his 3 sons, Greg, Bobby and Peter.  We are a large family.  Thank you, See you later!

Carol Brady — Hello, I am Carol Brady. I have three daughters. Their names are Cindy, Jan, and Marsha. This is my daughter Cindy. She is my youngest daughter. She is seven years old. She is very funny. Cindy loves her family. Cindy is a big tattletale!

Cindy Brady — Hi, I am Cindy. I have two sisters. This is my sister Marsha. She is in love with Davey Jones. Marsha is my oldest sister.

Marsha — It is true, i am in love with Davey Jones. I love my family, but i have many siblings. This is our mother, Carol. She does not cook much because Alice is our maid.

Cindy Brady-Our mother likes to sing in the church choir.  She has a pretty voice.

I end with this?

Carol Brady:  Mi espouso es Mike Brady y ello tre hijos, Greg, Bobby y Peter.  Noestro muy grande familia.  Gracias Hasta Lavista!  Did I write it correctly?  My spouse is Mike Brandy and his 3 sons, Greg, Bobby and Peter.  We are a large family.  Thank you, See you later!

What do my readers think?  Comment…if it’s good for class and not to hard we will try it!

That’s concludes #4.  (Now I just have to memorize and speak it.)

Adios.  Next numbre.

In no perticular order,


Under a rock in Spain

Calpe rock~Calpe, Spain

I haven’t been blogging lately as Spanish is taking up all my time.  Ifeel like I’m living under a rock!  Two hours in class from Mon-Thurs and Spanish tutoring two hours in the afternoon or evening depending on schedules.  Also consuming my time is my visits to my darling friend Kristin.  She started learning Spanish in 7th grade through college.  God Blessed this woman with patience, as I torture her in my ignorance.

There has been several break throughs since I began taking Summer Spanish.  I was tempted to drop it, but I’ve decided to stick it out and throw my heart into it.  I’ve even started talking to Tesla in Spanish because talking to a 5 year old is so much easier!  My ego was a bit crushed when I was counting cookies on the kid’s napkins at Tesla’s daycare.  A little boy named Sherrod heard me miss a number and was quick to correct me.  I started to giggle, then all the kids began giggling and next thing I know the little girl to Tesla’s right announced she was made of trees.  Sherrod chimed in next being made of cheeseburgers followed by a little boy who was made of dinosaurs.  Tesla giggled along but didn’t announce what she was made of.  I was tempted to announce I was made of macaroni and cheese, but snack time was winding down and Tesla and I were ready to leave the tiny table with tiny chairs.

Back to Spanish, we had an oral exam on Tuesday.  I was nervous but decided if I screwed up, how bad could it be?  I spoke with a partner asking him where he was from, how old his father was, where he works, if he had a girlfriend and what was his favorite beer.  The prof. and classmates found that amusing.  Even more amusing was the professor telling us when everyone was done that 4 people mispronounce anos and gave their ages in anus.  Easy, but embarrassing one to screw up.  I, Thank God, did not announce I have 40 anuses.

We received our grades today for the oral exam in class.  I received a 36/40.  Considering my test scores have been in the 60’s I was happy.  Tonight I had a break-through in ar and ir verbs congigating.  Felt so good that I called it a night, took a shower and decided to blog because I was seriously tempted to pick up my Spanish book and see what else I can teach an old dog.  Speaking of dogs…my room mate John has an eleven year old son.  Their dog ran off and never came back.  She was old and I’m guessing was ready to call it a good life.  To replace Lola, Mattchew (my nickname for him) picked out a kitten through a friend of a friend of mine…The kitten is cute and very friendly.  We were throwing out names ideas and two of mine became top choices (after John and I convinced Mattchew that Bob wasn’t a cool name for a kitten.  My suggestion that stuck was Nytro….the one that almost made first choice….Taco.


PS-John told me in Hawaii, taco means octopus.  Now that’s weird!


Spanglish 101

A book I probably can't read yet

First, I want to apologize for how butchered this paper is if you are fluent in Spanish.  This is my first Spanish course with no previous high school class and first attempt at writing more than two sentences…that have to make sense.  I have no clue how to make accent marks while writing in Spanish….or upside down !….or upside down ?  Help!  Ayudar!

Spanish 101


                Hola, me llama Pattie Crider.  Yo soy estudiente
y detras de me companeros en aprender Española.  Me no gustan malas notas.  Ojala que te mas experiencia en Espanola!    Yo disfrutar la estudia de toda lengua. Me gusta leer y escritar cuentos para megusto.  Yo preferir cuentos en Ingles!

                Me gusta relajarse y comer galletas y bebida leche.
Yo no gusta leche en me el libro.  Me gusta fotofrafia me poca chica.
La llama es Tesla y no despues de musical banda.  Me gusta musical banda de me juvetud en la diecinueve ochentas.

                Tesla y yo disfrutar bailar y cantar.  Me quere Tesla muchisimo!  Ella es de sol luz de mi vida.  Nos no gusta alguien despertarse temprado de la manana.  Estamos cansada
de la manana!  Nos gusta a dormir hasta nueve de la manana y arreglar desayunar juntas.

                El primera comida de dia importante, mi madre dicha.  Nos comer desayuno todos los dias que fins en i griega.  Comer una dieta equilibrada muy importante a nos.


         Hello, my name is Pattie Crider.  I am a student
and behind my classmates in learning Spanish.
I do not like bad grades.  I wish that I had more experience with Spanish!
I enjoy the study of any language. I like to read and write short stories for my pleasure.  I prefer short stories in English!

I like to relax and eat cookies and drink milk.
I don’t like milk in my book.  I like photographing my little girl.  Her
name is Tesla and not after the music band. I like music bands from my youth in the 1980’s.

Tesla and I enjoy singing and dancing.  I love
Tesla so much!  She is the sun light in my life.  We don’t like anyone waking us
early in the morning.  We are tired in the morning!  We like to sleep until 9 AM
and then fix breakfast together.

The most important meal of the day, my mother said.
We eat breakfast on every day that ends in y.  Eating a healthy diet is very important to


Two months at Four days a week for Two hours a day.  Whew!


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