Dear Everyone

Hello Everyone! I like this Breast Cancer Awareness picture.

You may know me personally, be a relative or a friend.  If you know me, that’s awesome!  If not, My parents are Walt and Dolores Crider.  I went to Dover School District K-12 years and married Gary Bonawitz.  Gary and I have 2 sons, Jarrid who is 19 and Zeth, almost 18.  Gary and I have been divorced since 1998, but we are still friends.

Along came Sharon Schwimer into my life.  We became a domestic couple for about two and a half years, then remained friends after the break up.  Sharon (or as I call her Shar) and I had some roughs times, but she is a true friend.

In 2004, by a strange twist of fate, I met John Delauter at Blockbuster video in Dallastown.  We quickly became a couple, he divorced his wife Diane Delauter, now Gieda and I moved in.  A month later, I sold my house.  Three months later, I quit my job with the State and we immediately began to legalize his handyman business into an established moving service.  We were married the day after his divorce was posted in the newspaper.  We had many family members on both sides and I really thought life was going to rock.

It didn’t.  In fact, it’s just been rocky since the day we met.  I am happy to have met John’s friends and family.   Everyone in my life that I am still in touch with is wonderful.  The exception would be John’s brother Mike.  He’s a real ass clown.  (One of his favorite sayings)

My blog is open to anyone who wants to read it.  Comments welcome, even if you don’t want to say who you are.  Please read my other stories….I know the one about my life is the most entertaining, but I am a student.  I need constructive criticism on my writings from other categories than divorce.  Hahahahaha!

More weird, funny and shocking blogs to come!  Thanks for reading!




  1. dawn fidler wolf says:

    yes mike is an ass clown !!!! only met the man once and dont care to ever meet him again lol
    i feel so sorry for you to have delt with him and sorry for anyone that knows him

  2. Hi. Thanks for telling me a little bit about yourself. Let me tell you a quick bit about myself, too. I have a civil union with the most wonderful woman in the world, we have been together for 3 years. She is beautiful, wonderful and lovely. I have two cats who are both rescue kitties, or used kitties as I like to call them. I have one biological daughter who is questioning her gender identity. I have seven “adopted” children, one of whom just graduated basic training in the US Army. I have two sisters and three brothers, I am very close to one sister and one brother and though my maternal grandparents raised me I am very close to my biological father and step-mother who earned the name “Mom” when my terribly neglectful mother died three years ago. I am an atheist, but have followed several religions before coming to this conclusion there is no god. I have recently become active in Independent Scientology and have borrowed some of their “tenets”, if you will, into my everyday life. I am a proud supporter of Marty Rathbun’s Blog “Moving On Up A Little Higher” here on WordPress before adopting it as my main blog site. I also post private blog entries on LiveJournal, but sporadically.

    I am legally (in the state of NY, anyway) marrying my partner and making her my wife on August 10, 2011.

    It’s nice to meet you. Your posts are interesting and I think they are very well done. I enjoy reading them and hope to read more from you soon.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Just a little editing note: The following statement in the second paragraph:” Along come Sharon Schwimer in my life and we become a domestic couple for about two and a half years, then remain friends after the break up.” is a different tense voice than the sentence that follows: “Sharon (or as I call her Shar) and I had some roughs times, but she is a true friend.” It would read more smoothly if you stated “Along came Sharon Schwimer in my life and we became a domestic couple for about two and a half years, then remained friends after the break up”. You have used the same present tense “become” in the next paragraph: “We quickly become a couple”, which would read better as “became” since in the rest of the paragraph you are speaking in the past tense.

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