College with your kid

Imagine my surprise when Jarrid told me Thursday he was coming to visit me on Sunday.  Since when does he give me notice?!  🙂

We had lunch at my home and engaged in a deep conversation about the universe, God, the Mayan calendar, supernovas, and more.  During this conversation, Jarrid brings up that he has been really thinking about going to college.  He talked about getting a degree in graphic design and I told him about classes I’ve already taken in design.  It’s one of those conversations parents dream of having with their child.  Jarrid has come to realize he didn’t apply himself in high school and now as an adult wants to further his education.  Good for him!

After lunch we went to my parents house.  Dale, Jarrid, my mom and I all played cards.  Dale and I kicked their butts.  😉  Jarrid talked to my dad (who was surprisingly pleasant) about Zeth who has signed up for active duty in the Army after graduating this year.  I brought up Jarrid’s interest in attending college and my parents were happy to hear he wants to enter college.

On the way home we stopped at my sister’s home.  Her and Sam are both sick so we didn’t stay long.  Tesla finally called and talked to Jarrid and Blaine.  Tesla and Blaine are taking gymnastics together tomorrow.

Finally back to my home and Jarrid began asking me all types of questions about York College.  I was happy to share my opinion of YCP ranging from the campus, professors, courses and how to apply.  I told him to look online at the college website while we were sitting around talking about it.  Jarrid looked at the majors offered and said, “I’m going to apply here.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m starting the application now.”

I can’t put into words how happy I  would be having Jarrid attend YCP.  Actually, when Jarrid told Tesla, she said, “That’s awesome Jarrid!  You can go to school with mom!  I’m going to go to school there too!”

How freaking cute is that?!?!

Jarrid applied tonight and is going to his high school to get the records transfered tomorrow.  I’m proud of him for taking the first step in improving his future.  I also think it’s wonderful he wants to attend the same school as his mom.

Cross your fingers for Jarrid to start in the Fall term!


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