Magical Mothers Day

Blaine and Tess


I may have had the best Mother’s Day ever. Zeth spent the weekend and went to church with his Aunt Suz, Blaine, Pap and Gramma in the morning. When they came home, Zeth said he was making me breakfast. I requested eggs and toast from the invisible menu and a wee bit later, I had three well cooked “dippy” eggs and cold toast with way to much margarine.  I happily ate it anyway, honored he wanted to cook for me.  Jarrid met up with us in York and we hit the Mother’s Day street fair.  Blaine and Tess chowed down on the Famous Bricker’s french fries then had a blast in the bounce houses.  All that walking from one bounce house to another left their stocking feet black, but oh well, that’s what bleach is for.

We walked around long enough to get a slight sunburn, about three hours.  Stopped for some ice cream and headed back home.  At home all of us bowled with kid’s plastic bowling pins and….a golf ball.  I discovered just how well golf balls bounce on cement today.  When I tossed it to Tess and she missed, it hit her on the top lip.  A few tears were shed, but she’s tough like her mom and forgot  about it quickly.

Our neighbor texted and invited us over for a cook out.  In the country the word neighbor is used loosely.  We don’t really have a “next door” neighbor out here, so if you’re within 5 miles, you are a neighbor.  We piled into two cars and drove about 5 minutes to a farm.  There we enjoyed hotdogs, hamburgs, salad and risking our lives on four wheelers and a gator.  My son managed to get the gator stuck in the mud while Suz was videotaping the ride.  I will have to post it because it is hilarious.  Think Dumb and Dumber with four-wheel drive….

New peeps arrived on the farm today

More people showed up, including the infamous Jerry that was a hot topic of discussion earlier.  Jerry took 3rd at Susquehanna Speedway Saturday night, but forgot to have his car weighed and checked after the race.  He was officially disqualified, losing his placing, the $150 prize, and the 5 points earned towards qualifying.  I didn’t know who he was at the time but I laughed along with everyone else for his stupid mistake.  When Jerry showed up for the cookout and I discovered this dodo is my second cousin.  Small world gets smaller everyday. 

Around eight we drove 5 minutes back home.  My day wasn’t quite over yet as Zeth needed to go back to his dads for school in the morning.  Now…. I’m sitting down relaxing; reflecting how wonderful my Mother’s Day was.  I am blessed to have 3 healthy, happy children who love and enjoy spending their time with me.  Life is wonderful and I live each day embracing it. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there.  I hope your day was as wonderful as mine!


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