Settled In

Moving sucks….and it sucks twice as much when you’re a co-owner of a moving company yet can’t make use of the trucks you personally found online to purchase for your business.

Instead I borrowed my dad’s 1970’s pickup and made multiple trips in that gas guzzling, ancient truck.  My sister and I nicknamed it “Big Red” a long time ago.  It actually belonged to my first husband’s dad and he sold it to my dad.  It’s not nearly as pretty as it used to be as my dad is a terror on vehicles.  Just a few weeks ago he backed into my sister’s Ford Focus and put a huge dent in it.  Not that he offered to have it repaired…don’t be silly!

So I’m pretty settled in and excited to get Tesla this afternoon.  She’s already seen the house but now that her room is set up she will be twice as excited.  I changed my address and have to wait for that to come in the mail so I can finish registering her for kindergarten.  It will be awesome to be in school myself while she is just starting.  My world revolves around her and I miss her so much when she’s away.

Everything I do is for her and she knows that.  Spoiled, perhaps a little, but isn’t that what kids are for?  Jarrid and Zeth are going to my parents this weekend to visit and I want them to come check out my new digs.  It’s close to everything, yet back in the woods on a road no one has ever heard of.  The only downside is I can’t let Ying run loose like he was used to because there are too many other dogs in the neighborhood and he will want to visit.  He was picked up once by the police for jay walking on Market Street when I lived in East York.  It cost $50 to get him released from the dog catcher!  Fortunately, the backyard is fenced in for Tesla and Ying so they still can run around and play.

Things are looking up and I am in good spirits.  Summer classes start in a week and I’m anxious to get back at the books.  On an even better note, with all the stress with divorce, custody, moving, etc….I received a letter from York College, I made the Dean’s List!!!  Woohoo!!!  Nothing and no one can keep me down!!


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