Internship Final Wrap


The end of my internship has arrived.  I had a few weeks of light work and fortunately had hours remaining to read the April contest submissions.

May 4th 3.5 hrs (organized postcards and posters for college to display, read submitted stories to website, commented, shared on Facebook SOL Page)

May 6th 2 hr (checked email for contest stories from Eric, posted on Facebook SOL Page, shared writer’s quotes)

May 7th 4 hrs (read April contest submissions, commented, liked, shared, registered for the Blogging seminar at Philadelphia Writer’s Conference, taking SOL info to distribute)

May 9th 2 hrs (read April contest submissions, commented, liked, shared)

May 10th 3 hrs (chose top 10 from Eric’s email and responded, posted a story to the college category, tweeted new contest information, participated in the Mother’s Day Tweet contest)

My hours for internship have been fulfilled but as a favor to Eric, I will help choose the finalists for the April writing contest and distribute SOL fliers in Philadelphia in June.

Though my internship is complete, I will still contribute to the Stage of Life blogging community.  It was a pleasure to work for Eric Thiegs and Stage of Life and I look forward to a long-lasting, writing relationship.

Blog On,


Internship Week 14 & 15

April 26  4 hrs

Worked from home.  Wrote Five Tips for New Bloggers.  Began writing column headings for Stage of Life features

Began article on the Writing Workshop held by Ben Percy at York College campus.

Read new posts on Stage of Life, commented and shared on Facebook.


May 3rd  4 hrs

Worked from office.

Shared my portfolio for internship to Eric.

Discussed new writing contest for May.

Read April’s contest entries.  Chose a winner from the On My Own and Baby categories.

Wrote headings for blogging articles.

Wrote intro to Grandparent Editor Welcome page.

Received a check for $50 towards the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference in June.  Postcards to take with me to distribute during conference.

Total 8 hours.  22.5 hrs – 8 hrs = 14.5 hours remaining

Internship Weeks 12 & 13

April 12th  3 hrs

Read the 35 submitted posts for the March writing contest.  Chose top ten.

April 15th  .5 hrs

Chose top three for March writing contest.

April 19th 3.5 hrs

In office work.  Wrote original post for SOL website featuring blogging sites and writing prompts.

Discussed SOL future with Eric and my possible assistance after internship.  Received $50 in sponsorship money from SOL to Philadelphia Writer’s Conference.  Will be taking SOL material with me to distribute.

Total hours 7 hours.  29.5 hours – 7hrs = 22.5 hours remaining

Next week-meet with Dr. Yonker to discuss portfolio.


Internship Week 11

April 5- 3 hrs

This week I popped in on the Stage of Life Facebook page and made comments or updated the status.  Most work was completed in the office.  Read submissions for the March writing contest “No Fear” and chose three winners outside of the High School and College categories.

The Grandparents category needed an updated home page editor comment.  I wrote a paragraph about the coming of spring and what my grandparents did on the farm when the winter season finally broke.  Checked all other categories to see they are current.

Eric told me my 10 Tips for New Bloggers was nationally released on the web through Stage of Life.

Wrote promotions for April Stage of Life writing contest.

32.5 hrs – 3 hrs=29.5 hrs remaining


Internship Weeks 9 & 10

Sharing one story at a time

Sharing one story at a time

My internship at Stage of Life has been going fantastic.  I am enjoying the writing assignments and reading the monthly writing contest submissions.  Like in my other courses, time is flying by and it will be over before I know it.

March 18th  1. hr (promoting website & Facebook page)

March 20th 1.0 hr (promoting website & Facebook page)

March 22nd  4.0 hrs (work at office- creating new articles, statistics, checking email, discussions with Eric)

March 25th 2.0 (reading website posts, printing and organizing portfolio for internship)

March 29th  4.25 hrs (reading all contest entries for February, choosing honorable mention winners, phone call with Eric, emailed Eric finalist for prizes.)

March 30th 1.25 hrs (read website posts, logged work hours)

Note- There may be some confusion to contest entries.  Emailed Eric with my concerns.

Total hours for weeks 9 & 10= 13.25

45.75 – 13.25= 32.50 Hours remaining


Goals for next week- read March writing contest entries.



Stage of Life Internship week 8 & 9

Daily check- SOL Facebook for messages and respond, promote writing contests on FB page, post quote, picture, essays to FB.

Read finalist stories for February writing contest and submitted top 10 choices.

Commented on bloggers entries.

Researched, made cold calls to high school to gain email addresses of English teachers and student newspaper advisers.

Wrote a standard letter to English department heads concerning SOL and guest speaking.

Emailed letter to approximately 25 teachers in York County School Districts.

Contributed two essays to SOL website.


4- 1.0 hr

5- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

6- 1 hr

7- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

8- 1 hr

11- 3.0 hrs (reading contest entries)

12- 1.0 hr (essay submitted)

13- 1.0 hr

14- 1.0 hr

15- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

21 hours total

66.75 – 21.00 =45.75 hours remaining

Goals for next week:

Take posters to YCP to display on campus

Schedule speaking engagements at York County schools



Internship week 5 & 6

Weeks 5 & 6 of internship at Stage of Life:

Spoke to Dr. Walter’s and Creative Nonfiction class about contributing to Stage of Life essays.

Dr. Yonker’s class will be submitting their memoir essays to SOL.

Created slideshow presentation for internship meeting at YCP.

Expanding on slideshow for high school presentations.

Read Twitter contests, chose top three and favorite winter story.

Contributed 3 posts on SOL site

Emails with Eric

Feb. 18th  1.0 hr

Feb 25th 1.0 hr

Feb. 26th 2.0 hrs

Feb 27th 3.0 hr

Mar 1st 2.0 hrs

Total hours 9.5

77.25 hrs -9.5 hrs =67.75 hrs remaining

Schedule and Goals

Office on March 5 & 8th  minimum 4 hour days

Cold calls high schools and establish who SOL information should be addressed to.

Create letter for contact via email or US mail.


Internship week 4

Over half this week I was sick.  I missed a day and a half of classes but fortunately, I am feeling better.  While home I made good use of my time and pulled down hours towards this course credit.

2/9/13 website content, commenting, emails, Oz interview  4.0 hrs

2/11/13 Oz interview 3.0 hrs

2/12/13 Delivered postcards, spoke to professors, reviewed SOL blog posts  2.0 hrs

2/13/13 Read blogs for contest.  Wrote blog content.  4.0 hrs

2/14/13 Meeting with Dr. Yonkers, spoke with Eric by phone, presentation of SOL in class, read blogs for contest.  2.75 hrs

2/15/13 Read blogs for contest, commented on posts, wrote two posts.  Chose top  finalists for contest.  4.0 hrs

2/16/13 Reread blogs for contest, wrote two posts, Chose top three finalists.  4.0

Total hours 23.75

My goal was 20-25 hours so even with being ill, I managed to get much accomplished for my internship.  Total hours complete 42.75.  Remaining hours: 77.25

I read many wonderful posts from past prompts as well as the gun control prompt.

Keep writing my friends,



Internship week 3

Sharing one story at a time

Sharing one story at a time

Working for Stage of Life the past three weeks has been a learning experience.  The fifteen weeks are going to fly by before I know it!

This week:

2/1/2013 Spoke with Eric on phone, contacted possible bloggers to contribute to SOL   1.5 hrs

2/4/2013  Blog content, read/comments   2.0 hrs

2/5/2013  Wrote post, emailed bloggers, researched bloggers   3.0 hrs

2/7/2013  Met with Eric at the office, discussed ideas, established a list of items to begin, Finished several posts, emailed a new blogger to SOL community, continued working on Quattrone interview (professor), spoke to Dr. Walters about involving class with SOL, took postcards to writing professors offices, dropped off posters at OSAO office for permission to display.   4.0 hrs

2/8/2013 Continued email with new blogger, referred her to Eric for technical difficulties, emailed Quattrone for more information and clarification, Joined Pininterest to follow fellow SOL intern.  2.0 hrs

Total hours 12.5 hours & 4.5 previous = 17 hrs


Get more specific writing for SOL column

Check on Eric’s progress of getting the interns on the website and our specific column.  LOL

Have Wendy’s membership issued resolved.

Complete a minimum of 25 hours intern work

Check out and share a little story!


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