Internship week 4

Over half this week I was sick.  I missed a day and a half of classes but fortunately, I am feeling better.  While home I made good use of my time and pulled down hours towards this course credit.

2/9/13 website content, commenting, emails, Oz interview  4.0 hrs

2/11/13 Oz interview 3.0 hrs

2/12/13 Delivered postcards, spoke to professors, reviewed SOL blog posts  2.0 hrs

2/13/13 Read blogs for contest.  Wrote blog content.  4.0 hrs

2/14/13 Meeting with Dr. Yonkers, spoke with Eric by phone, presentation of SOL in class, read blogs for contest.  2.75 hrs

2/15/13 Read blogs for contest, commented on posts, wrote two posts.  Chose top  finalists for contest.  4.0 hrs

2/16/13 Reread blogs for contest, wrote two posts, Chose top three finalists.  4.0

Total hours 23.75

My goal was 20-25 hours so even with being ill, I managed to get much accomplished for my internship.  Total hours complete 42.75.  Remaining hours: 77.25

I read many wonderful posts from past prompts as well as the gun control prompt.

Keep writing my friends,



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