Levi Loses Control ~AmishMafia

Levi!  Your mob is out of control....

Levi! Your mob is out of control….

Levi…I’m concerned about your rowdy group of mafia misfits.  They are committing all types of acts that are catching the attention of fans…and the police.  From hit and runs, drugs and wild women…you have your hands full.


John hasn’t been hiding from the authorities.  If he were hiding he wouldn’t be on our television screens.  He turned himself in and that was a wise move.  Otherwise Levi might need to feed him to the fishes.  I’m just curious why John was driving the vehicle of a Discovery employee when John is only licensed to operate a foot propelled scooter.  I bet that employee is kicking their own ass for letting John, resident goofball, drive his car.  No wonder Levi isn’t buying him a vehicle.


Esther…what is going on girlfriend?  After the breaking of Levi’s heart, checking out Jolin like he was a side of beef, and kissing that creepy Merlin, you are now dating a rapper.  You go girl!  I’ve spoke to your boyfriend and things seem to be going well.  I’d advise having some say over the pictures he posts.

Keeping it hot in the kitchen girlfriend

Keeping it hot in the kitchen girlfriend

The kitchen pics were hot but this one is not.


While I hold no issue with interracial relationships, how does the Amish community view such relationships?  What does Levi think?  I’m 100% sure the fans of the show would love to see this play out in Season 3.  I suggest filming begin immediately.

Allen Beiler

Allen Beiler

And then we have Allen, the mastermind of the entire show.  Allen doesn’t want to spend much time in front of the camera.  If he were, it would catch him in the act of committing a crime.  Like John, Allen can’t stay out of trouble.  Wouldn’t their real lives be interesting on tv?  Don’t quit with the reenactments.  Those are entertaining to we fans.  Just keep cameras on them all the time.

Now that would be reality tv.



  1. Whole thing cracks me up lol

    • Me too!!!!

      • Patti, how is it going girl!! Just keeps on getting more interesting!! Keep us posted!! Once someone is on television and in the spotlight, everyone looks for the bad in people instead of the good!! The misfortune of others-especially people in the public eye- makes other people feel better about themselves! Would be nice if we heard good things in the media then the bad! Don’t you agree?

      • There are days when I look through the news seeking “good news” and find there really isn’t much good happening. It is very sad.

        Levi seems to be the most well-adjusted out of the whole mafia bunch!

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