The 10 Roles of Pattie

The Ten Roles of Pattie

Life is made up by the roles we fulfill.  The roles in life change from person to person but most of us share some identities with others.  Humans are unique and there are no duplicates.  Even twins have their differences of identity, if not on the outside, the differences can be found on the inside.  Without too much of a stretch, I was able to come up with ten roles of importance in my life.

Mother:  I am the mother to three children.  My sons are over the age of eighteen but my daughter is six.  I was blessed by God with these three children.  I was young when I had my sons and realize now how quickly time passes.  Daily I struggle with the fact that I do not see my daughter during the week.  As her mother, it is my opinion that she should live with me.  Unfortunately, a judge had ruled differently and now each day my child and I are apart is another day lost for mother and daughter.

Wife:  I am a wife against my will.  This month was eight years since I married the jackass who is still my husband.  Over half that time has been spent with us separated.  I no longer wish to have the role of wife and do nothing to fulfill it.  That is because I have taken on another role since the jackass and I have split.

Girlfriend:  After going through hell with the husband, a breath of fresh air came into my life.  My boyfriend had his work cut out for him in making me his girlfriend.  While I no longer had any hopes of my role of wife emerging from the deep, dark, depths it had sunk, I had no desire to be a girlfriend either.  Impressively, over-time, he wore me down and I fell into another identity I had not planned to fulfill.

College student:  Following the traumatic break-up with my husband, I decided to pursue new goals in life.  It was suggested I look into college and take a clean break from accounting.   I wanted to find something I would find enjoyable.  There were many suggestions from friends and family on the career I should pursue.  I ignored them all and made the choice that I felt would be best suited for me.  Taking on the role of college student has changed my life for the better.

Writer:  My choice of career to pursue in college was that of a Professional Writing major.  I have been passionate about reading and writing for as long as I can remember.  My mother says I always had a book with me as a child and that holds true now that I am an adult.  Whether it is a novel, a memoir or a textbook for class, I will devour that reading and from it, become a better writer.

Intern:  This is my most recent identity as my internship has just started.  As an intern I am expected to read and write online.  This role jives well with my other identities.  My employer is a non-profit organization that promotes the sharing of stories on a community blog site.  My role is to contribute written material to the site, read what other bloggers have contributed and spread the word about this blogging community.

High school graduate:  This role was fulfilled many years ago but I still hold it close to my heart.  The friends I made in high school and even middle school remain a part of my life.  We speak several times a month to “check in” and be supportive in each other’s lives.

Daughter:  I am one of two daughters my parents created.  I was the first born child and a natural leader.  The role of daughter is important to me because of the intense bond I have with my mother.  I am fortunate to have a mother who thinks the world of me and knows she can count on me to not only help her out, but get things done promptly and correctly.  Mom’s call when in need is to her first born, me.

Christian: This is a role I take very seriously.  Most people would not realize the depth of my belief in God.  I don’t push my faith and beliefs on people and expect the same respect in return.  I pray every day and firmly believe I will ascend to heaven when my roles on Earth have been completed.  A bonus for me would be gaining wings.  I have always wanted to fly.

Dog owner:  My dog makes me happy…most of the time.  The role of pet owner must be held by a person who is responsible, patient and forgiving.  The forgiving role is important because animals are animals.  They don’t think before they act.  I know this because my dog recently jumped into the fountain on campus.  While the other students found this amusing, I did not.

This list does not define me as my identity is too diverse to limit to a list of ten, but it is a good start in knowing me and understanding the most important roles I carry in my life.  As time passes new roles will be added and old roles will be dropped.  As life evolves, so do our roles within.

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