Internship week 4

Over half this week I was sick.  I missed a day and a half of classes but fortunately, I am feeling better.  While home I made good use of my time and pulled down hours towards this course credit.

2/9/13 website content, commenting, emails, Oz interview  4.0 hrs

2/11/13 Oz interview 3.0 hrs

2/12/13 Delivered postcards, spoke to professors, reviewed SOL blog posts  2.0 hrs

2/13/13 Read blogs for contest.  Wrote blog content.  4.0 hrs

2/14/13 Meeting with Dr. Yonkers, spoke with Eric by phone, presentation of SOL in class, read blogs for contest.  2.75 hrs

2/15/13 Read blogs for contest, commented on posts, wrote two posts.  Chose top  finalists for contest.  4.0 hrs

2/16/13 Reread blogs for contest, wrote two posts, Chose top three finalists.  4.0

Total hours 23.75

My goal was 20-25 hours so even with being ill, I managed to get much accomplished for my internship.  Total hours complete 42.75.  Remaining hours: 77.25

I read many wonderful posts from past prompts as well as the gun control prompt.

Keep writing my friends,



Internship week 3

Sharing one story at a time

Sharing one story at a time

Working for Stage of Life the past three weeks has been a learning experience.  The fifteen weeks are going to fly by before I know it!

This week:

2/1/2013 Spoke with Eric on phone, contacted possible bloggers to contribute to SOL   1.5 hrs

2/4/2013  Blog content, read/comments   2.0 hrs

2/5/2013  Wrote post, emailed bloggers, researched bloggers   3.0 hrs

2/7/2013  Met with Eric at the office, discussed ideas, established a list of items to begin, Finished several posts, emailed a new blogger to SOL community, continued working on Quattrone interview (professor), spoke to Dr. Walters about involving class with SOL, took postcards to writing professors offices, dropped off posters at OSAO office for permission to display.   4.0 hrs

2/8/2013 Continued email with new blogger, referred her to Eric for technical difficulties, emailed Quattrone for more information and clarification, Joined Pininterest to follow fellow SOL intern.  2.0 hrs

Total hours 12.5 hours & 4.5 previous = 17 hrs


Get more specific writing for SOL column

Check on Eric’s progress of getting the interns on the website and our specific column.  LOL

Have Wendy’s membership issued resolved.

Complete a minimum of 25 hours intern work

Check out and share a little story!


Stage of Life~Intern

As an intern at I am to keep a personal blog site of my own.  I already have one so that was a quick check mark in the done column.

I’ve served about one week now into my internship.  In that time I have:

1/17/2013 Spoke to employer by phone.   .5

1/25/13 Met to discuss duties of internship, exchange ideas   1.5

1/26/13  Blogged on SOL and personal blog   1.0

1/27/13  Blogged and read on SOL   .25

1/28/13  Spoke to Eric on phone, submitted 2 posts to Eric via email   .25

1/31/13  Possible Teen author: Kat Zhang,  Possible Marriage blogger at,  Personal blog (daily/weekly log)   1.

Total hours:  4.5 of 120

Upcoming work list:  Blog ideas, blogger list, Intro to my project A & B

Meeting with Eric 2/1/2013



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