Internship Final Wrap


The end of my internship has arrived.  I had a few weeks of light work and fortunately had hours remaining to read the April contest submissions.

May 4th 3.5 hrs (organized postcards and posters for college to display, read submitted stories to website, commented, shared on Facebook SOL Page)

May 6th 2 hr (checked email for contest stories from Eric, posted on Facebook SOL Page, shared writer’s quotes)

May 7th 4 hrs (read April contest submissions, commented, liked, shared, registered for the Blogging seminar at Philadelphia Writer’s Conference, taking SOL info to distribute)

May 9th 2 hrs (read April contest submissions, commented, liked, shared)

May 10th 3 hrs (chose top 10 from Eric’s email and responded, posted a story to the college category, tweeted new contest information, participated in the Mother’s Day Tweet contest)

My hours for internship have been fulfilled but as a favor to Eric, I will help choose the finalists for the April writing contest and distribute SOL fliers in Philadelphia in June.

Though my internship is complete, I will still contribute to the Stage of Life blogging community.  It was a pleasure to work for Eric Thiegs and Stage of Life and I look forward to a long-lasting, writing relationship.

Blog On,


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