Internship Weeks 9 & 10

Sharing one story at a time

Sharing one story at a time

My internship at Stage of Life has been going fantastic.  I am enjoying the writing assignments and reading the monthly writing contest submissions.  Like in my other courses, time is flying by and it will be over before I know it.

March 18th  1. hr (promoting website & Facebook page)

March 20th 1.0 hr (promoting website & Facebook page)

March 22nd  4.0 hrs (work at office- creating new articles, statistics, checking email, discussions with Eric)

March 25th 2.0 (reading website posts, printing and organizing portfolio for internship)

March 29th  4.25 hrs (reading all contest entries for February, choosing honorable mention winners, phone call with Eric, emailed Eric finalist for prizes.)

March 30th 1.25 hrs (read website posts, logged work hours)

Note- There may be some confusion to contest entries.  Emailed Eric with my concerns.

Total hours for weeks 9 & 10= 13.25

45.75 – 13.25= 32.50 Hours remaining


Goals for next week- read March writing contest entries.



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