It’s Easter or just another Sunday

I can’t get into holidays anymore.  Whether is cooking a huge meal, buying over-priced gifts, or just all gathering in one house.  The holiday gatherings for my family have been on the edge of “crash and burn” for several years now.  My mom seems to wind up in the hospital every other holiday and a hospital is no place to celebrate the holidays.  Not for my mom, or anyone else.  I called yesterday to talk to my mom and maybe find out what the heck is going on for today.  My father answered and I was tempted to just hang up but I really wanted to talk to mom.  I asked for her and my father said, “She’s sleeping and don’t call here if you can’t keep from swearing and yelling at me.”  I responded with, “I’m not swearing or anything.” and he hung up on me.  What a dad.  Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Maybe if you didn’t stab me in the back every chance you have, I wouldn’t have to speak up and be all honest to your face.

Dale called my parents house last night around 8:30 pm.  My dad chatted with Dale about the computer he recently bought at Dale’s shop.  When Dale asked about my mom, dad said she was sleeping and had a rough day.  I had called around 1:30 pm and ever heard back so I’m guessing mom never got the message I called.  Dale said he would call tomorrow to wish her a Happy Easter.  My dad said, “Tell Pattie not to call here.  I’m pissed off at her.”

Well news flash dear old Dad:  You PISS me off DAILY!  You are selfish and care more about you, you, you than anyone else, including your wife, children and grandchildren.

SO Happy Easter Walty, GO SUCK A ROTTEN EGG!




Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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