Internship week 5 & 6

Weeks 5 & 6 of internship at Stage of Life:

Spoke to Dr. Walter’s and Creative Nonfiction class about contributing to Stage of Life essays.

Dr. Yonker’s class will be submitting their memoir essays to SOL.

Created slideshow presentation for internship meeting at YCP.

Expanding on slideshow for high school presentations.

Read Twitter contests, chose top three and favorite winter story.

Contributed 3 posts on SOL site

Emails with Eric

Feb. 18th  1.0 hr

Feb 25th 1.0 hr

Feb. 26th 2.0 hrs

Feb 27th 3.0 hr

Mar 1st 2.0 hrs

Total hours 9.5

77.25 hrs -9.5 hrs =67.75 hrs remaining

Schedule and Goals

Office on March 5 & 8th  minimum 4 hour days

Cold calls high schools and establish who SOL information should be addressed to.

Create letter for contact via email or US mail.


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