Internship Week 14 & 15

April 26  4 hrs

Worked from home.  Wrote Five Tips for New Bloggers.  Began writing column headings for Stage of Life features

Began article on the Writing Workshop held by Ben Percy at York College campus.

Read new posts on Stage of Life, commented and shared on Facebook.


May 3rd  4 hrs

Worked from office.

Shared my portfolio for internship to Eric.

Discussed new writing contest for May.

Read April’s contest entries.  Chose a winner from the On My Own and Baby categories.

Wrote headings for blogging articles.

Wrote intro to Grandparent Editor Welcome page.

Received a check for $50 towards the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference in June.  Postcards to take with me to distribute during conference.

Total 8 hours.  22.5 hrs – 8 hrs = 14.5 hours remaining

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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