Stage of Life Internship week 8 & 9

Daily check- SOL Facebook for messages and respond, promote writing contests on FB page, post quote, picture, essays to FB.

Read finalist stories for February writing contest and submitted top 10 choices.

Commented on bloggers entries.

Researched, made cold calls to high school to gain email addresses of English teachers and student newspaper advisers.

Wrote a standard letter to English department heads concerning SOL and guest speaking.

Emailed letter to approximately 25 teachers in York County School Districts.

Contributed two essays to SOL website.


4- 1.0 hr

5- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

6- 1 hr

7- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

8- 1 hr

11- 3.0 hrs (reading contest entries)

12- 1.0 hr (essay submitted)

13- 1.0 hr

14- 1.0 hr

15- 4.0 hrs (in office work)

21 hours total

66.75 – 21.00 =45.75 hours remaining

Goals for next week:

Take posters to YCP to display on campus

Schedule speaking engagements at York County schools



Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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