Dear John and Heather

Dear John and Heather,

    I decided it would be much easier just to address you both in this post.  Though I have made this painfully clear in the past, stop harassing my friends and family.  This includes my boyfriend Dale. 

   You have no business talking to him.  John, if you must speak to me about something concerning Tesla, I am all ears.  There should be no conversation between you and Dale or Heather and Dale. 

   The police told you not to harass me.  I didn’t realize I would have to include Dale on the list.  My friends and family don’t care to hear or see you.  (for that matter, no one wants to hear or see Heather either)  Don’t question anyone about Tesla, other than me.  You want to know something, check with her mother. 

    We all know you are a tough guy and love to be the bully.  Well that must stop.  Making a scene at Tesla’s dance class was just ridiculous.  Yes, I called Dale away from the two of you because I know how you treat people.  Heather is a great copycat of your drama king status.  Neither of you had any business questioning Dale about my where-abouts today. 

    Heather, I don’t want you throwing your useless and senseless comments in when John and I are trying to have a civil conversation.  I realize you would rather see John and I at each others throats.

  The two of you seem set on making this as difficult as possible for me to see Tesla.  You are quick to cause problems that just are trivial and then threaten to sue me for contempt for attending my classes.  That says so much about the two of you.  It saddens me that you both will go out of your way to be negative, hateful and bitter about the wonderful relationship Tesla and I have.  A relationship that neither of you can completely control.  In the end, you will just ruin any thread of a relationship you ever had with Tess, all on your own.






  1. I am so proud of you Pattie for calling the police. You must also report to the Department of Welfare and Child Services his blocking of you contacting Tesla any time you want. An award of majority custody does not equate to one parent “letting” the other parent have contact with the minor child. It also does not mean that he can let you contact your daughter on his terms.

    Document everything, even if it means that you have to call the DoWCS every day or even the police every day. Stalking and harassment involving you or Dale or both of you is a misdemeanor crime and is punishable via jail time, probation, and/or fines. It is a serious enough crime that if such circumstances mount in frequency and severity, majority custody of Tesla could be reevaluated by a court of law.

    I am sure that Douchebag and his Malignant Growth would rather that not happen. I am also sure that DoWCS would be very curious, enough to investigate, that a parent is causing a remarkable scene in front of the minor child and other minor children might not be the best choice for Tesla’s interests and parental guidance a majority of the time. I am also willing to extend a wager of $10 that if majority custody would be reevaluated and reassigned to you, Douchebag and his Malignant Growth would shit their pants.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No wonder John’s family does not associate with him

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