I used to refer to my husband as my stalker.  “I married my stalker” I would say.

John would listen to my phone calls or hide and listen in on my conversation.  He was an expert at sneaking around for being such a big guy.  Of course he could always get someone to “spy” on me if he couldn’t do the “checking up” himself.  I thought once I managed to escape my “prison guard” I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling like I was in prison.

Sure, John let me have a little freedom.  He preferred to go where every I was going or have me in his presence 24-7.  Even after 3 years of separation, he still can’t let go of me and move on.  Maybe it’s the divorce holding him up also.

John invades my dreams and my reality.  Almost every night I dream about John.  Lucky me huh?  Sometimes it’s fighting, sometimes his girlfriends are involved.  Kelly still pops into dream land now and then.  Usually Heather isn’t part of my dreams.  Whew!

Don’t ask me why I dream about my stalker.  I guess I just haven’t shaken him from my subconscious yet….if that is even possible.

I checked my cellphone not to long after I got up from bed.  At 8:58 AM John sent me a text:  “I see your resume classes tomorrow.”

I find that creepy.  Like when he sent me a text at a Revolution’s ballgame that Tesla, Jarrid and I were attending with friends.  John was there too and shortly after I arrived he sent me this text:  “I see you.”  Can you say creeper?????  I can’t believe I married this guy!!

So I sent him a reply to his creepy class text:  “yes” and a little later “how do you see that?”  He never replied.  I’m sure he’s trying to get me to say I won’t have Tesla with me tomorrow and his response will be “then you can’t have her because the court order says she must be in your presence while in my custody.”  Would that surprise me?  NOT AT ALL.

I don’t look into where John is while he has Tesla.  I already know he gets lots of different people to babysit while he is out doing God knows what.  He is just obsessed with this never-ending relationship and how he can control me and Tesla every chance he gets.  You would think with Heather and her 4 children he would be too busy to pay attention to my schedule.

Apparently not,



  1. I had a husband that did this exact same thing to me only it was accompanied by physical abuse. It is an obvious sign that he thinks relationships are about possessing the spouse in the same manner one possesses a pen, something equally as disturbing as Douchenozzle doesn’t mind that kind of treatment and probably sees her role as submissive to the man as something she is to do as a broodmare.

    I find it very creepy that he still sends these messages to you because it seems to me that he still has “love” for you, even though it is possessive and really psychologically sick. I am thinking that might be why Douchebag hasn’t finalized your divorce yet. In his twisted, adolescent mind you are still “his” and he still possesses you according to a legal document that says you are still married. I think he also holds on to avoid paying higher taxes as a single person when he can get some benefit from married filing separately. He is, frankly, a tool and about as useful as nipples on men; however, he is also a tad bit psychotic enough to cling on to you like a bloated tick.

    It is my opinion that Douchebag will drag out the divorce in light of continuing to possess you because it makes him feel manly. I am also most certain that Douchebag could learn how to be a real man from Dale, but he won’t because he’s an insufferable, bratty, little child with the need to overcompensate for all his shortcomings including his sad definition of “manly”. A normal man who doesn’t need to identify himself using his possessions is usually one who can keep his pee-pee in his pants, something Douchebag will never be able to do. Douchebag continues to identify himself using things that are really rather flimsy, how many vaginas he can conquest, and how many material things he owns from women to designer jeans. To him, women are a means to an end; fodder for his failing ego and possessions to stack up in pretty curio cabinets like little trophies of how great of a man he is.

    I also would suggest when he sends you creepy texts like that, that you reply with “I am not yours anymore. Please stop acting as if I am.” It will end his juvenile perception that you are somehow still his possession, while at the same time reclaiming the part of your life that he stole from you because he’s a Douchebag. Just because he is the sperm donor that created Tesla doesn’t mean that he has any right to continue to control your life in his twisted, tiny mind. You should constantly remind him that you are not his possession any more, which I am sure will force him to completely own Douchenozzle who is too stupid to understand what a real relationship is all about.

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