My friends

I can not put into “perfect words” how much I appreciate all your support during this very difficult time of separation from my daughter.  It feels good to know I can lean on so many friends when I feel I am falling down.

My facebook friends, college friends, high school friends, life long friends….you get the picture.  You always have a listening ear and words of encouragement.  This is why friendship is priceless. 

Dale is the greatest boyfriend I’ve ever had.  His feelings were hurt a little bit when I told him he couldn’t be my “best friend” because having your significant other as your best friend is a challenge.  If a bf or gf is your bbf and you two break up, you’re doubly screwed, and not in a good way!

Friends are precious and even if long periods of time pass between talking to a friend, it’s so easy to catch up.  Never take a friend for granted or after a while you will find you don’t have any “real friends” at all.

Remember, you get to pick your friends.

Choose wisely,



  1. Couldn’t have said it any better. My need of friends has been differant then urs but still is comforting to know who ur real life long caring loving friends are. And I have learned that this past year. Thank you !
    Remember I am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ( I hope u get the point) here for you and tesla. We might not see each other as much as I would like but when need be, I will do my best to be with you.
    Call/text anytime day night snow rain sun etc……
    I hope I made u smile at least for a second
    Love ya chickie
    And dale thank u for being there for her luv u for that

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