Yearbook to Facebook visits 1989: Fidler, Hoke, Zirkle and Maruski

Reading Dover Highschool’s yearbook and remembering my awesome friends that stood by me, even if I was weird….

Finally, I have a little time to write about highschool days and the people who signed my yearbook in 1986 or .  This summer math course I’m taking at York College covers 15 weeks of material in 5 weeks.  My sister Suz says I’m crazy for taking summer courses, but I have a 98% so far!

Dawn and Goofy

So my first victim from school is Dawn Fidler who is married to Scott Wolf.   Dawn had this to say in my yearbook:


To a really nice gal I met in 6th grade.  Never forget the great times we had, epecially at the shore.  Keep a smile on your face and your head high.  Keep reaching for the stars!  I hope you get Greg soon!  Good luck in the future with and with that special someone!



Dawn (Fool) ’89

My Bestest Friend!!

Dear Dawn,

How’s that booboo you got sledding in my grandparents driveway many years ago?  No scar I hope!

How could I ever forget all the fun times we had from 6th grade until the present?  Even after we graduated, we remained close and we are just as close today.  Isn’t that amazing?  Now about that fool you are married to…lol

We were in band together and I’m so thankful we were friends.  There were many people in band I didn’t like and tried to avoid, such as Kelly Myers, Julie Rohrbaugh and Sue Eisenhour.  They were just bitches to me back then.   Now my brother Joe is married to Kelly’s sister, Kathy.   Kelly doesn’t remember picking on me, not that I’m surprised.  Now I get to pick on her at family get togethers.

Your parents were awesome back in the 80’s.  They treated me like their own daughter, just like my parents did with you.  All those vacations we took together, sleep-overs, parties, etc.  I am blessed to have you as a friend then, and now.  Of course now, when I visit you I have to put up with your goofy husband!

Back to the yearbook, I guess I really had a thing for Greg, even if he was yanking my tanktop down.  I haven’t had much “good luck” with that special someone.  Maybe I should have held out for Greg….

Love you Dawn and Scott!


The Hokester

Next up is Mark Hoke  Mark wrote:


To a very nice girl I met this year.  Good luck in all your future ventures.

Mark Hoke

Dear Mark,

Thank you for the good luck wishes!  Though we only met in  1986, we have become life long friends.  I can’t say I have lots of highschool memories because you were graduating while I was just starting.  The memories I have now are much better than any from school anyway.  That wacky wife of yours, Kristin Hoke I just adore her.  When she hugs me I get lost in her ta-ta’s, you know what I’m talking about!  Sorry about crashing your live poker chat the other night.  Kristin and I didn’t mean to distract you serious poker players, but it was so damn easy!

You and Kristin are awesome friends and I adore your daughter Amanda, also known as Amanta, according to my daughter, Tesla.

Love and whipped with chocolate,


Third on the list of friends from highschool is Floyd Scott Zirkle.

Where were the keys?

Scott wrote:


To a really nice girl that I got to know this year.  Good luck in the future.



Dear Scott,

That was such a simple note in my yearbook.  I don’t know which happened first, you signed my yearbook or the day you took me back to your parents after wrestling practice and handcuffed me to a chair.  Either way, life was interesting!  You still have those handcuffs?

On a serious note, I’m glad we are still friends.  You are a sweet guy with a good heart and handsome face.  Come visit me and bring your girlfriend, who I hear reads my blog everyday!

No longer cuffed,


Wrapping this blog up is Deanna Maruski.

Dee 1989

Deanna wrote:


To a great girl I met a while back.  Remember chorus and anything else we did together.

Stay Gold,


Dear Deanna,

Hey girl, we had lots of fun in chorus and attending those, silly formal dances in the pastel colored dresses.  Concerning the “anything else we did together” did you have a specific moment in mind when you wrote that?  LOL  Just kidding…I think I already freaked out a former classmate with this blog.  Whoops!

I miss my highschool friends!  Come visit me soon!


Thanks for reading my school blog….

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  1. dawn fidler wolf says:

    thanks so much i love ya girl.. we have been friends forever and we will continue to be. with my goofy hubby beside us…lol so many memories of all the fun times we have had especially in school and nope no scar from the sled….jerk lol

  2. rofl in the making says:

    Thanks for the laughs. I’ll be back to read more later.

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