Dear John VI


Dear John,

This one will be short as I’m dashing off to see my boyfriend, Dale Hollinger.  I’m sure you already have done your research, or at least had LaDonna fill you in.  Isn’t she just a great office manager?  Hopefully she is keeping the books very accurate for everyone’s sake.  Have you given her a raise since I did last?  Back in 2009?  You know she graduated top of her class and I can’t imagine she’s going to stick at the office forever.  Why would she?!

Back to me leaving my home to visit with friends; I miss Tesla.  If she were here tonight, she would get to visit my awesome friends also.  I hope you are spending quality time with Tesla in some fashion, or another.  I want Tesla to have the closeness she has with me, with you.

Our court date is approaching quickly, August 19th, I believe.  Will things get decided so Tesla can start school?  Once we can get over this hurdle, we can take the next leap over divorce.  I have to write Heather soon.  I see her so often with you and Tess.  Does she have a job?  I know how you like your women to stay in the home.

No longer caged,




  1. Dale Hollinger says:

    Telling the world, as a friend in my opinion as well as many others you could not ask for a better person to be friends with.and as a girlfriend,she is one of a kind.she is truly remarkable in many ways. Pattie is very loving with a big heart. she is there for her friends and family.she has to put up with so much,this divorce is very hard on her.I want everyone to know,I will be by her side,I will not let her fall or let any harm come to her or her is truly johns loss. her. i just want to thank him for the happieness that he has given me, by being an ass to only brought us closer together.

    Love Always

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