You know what’s cool?

It is cool that at pretty much any second I can decide to blog to my readers.  I just stop whatever I’m doing and say….”Hey what’s up?”  For instance, I was checking out my bank account and watching the money disappear.  You know the feeling???

I did have an important check clear my account.

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Looks like I was telling the truth to my future ex-hubby.  The check would be good….not bounce off the walls.  I really don’t know if John sent the check into domestics.  I did get a deposit of $170.35 through PASCDU, but that couldn’t be my check already.  My rent is due and once I pay that and the trash/sewer bill, I’ll have about $86.  I really hope he did send that moving day check to domestics….since he wouldn’t tear it up.

Well, my sister Suz just showed up with Blaine.  My sister is the greatest!  She’s sitting here talking to our mom about how much liquid mom has to drink for some test.  My poor mom has been through hell with her health.  😦  Suz is hanging up and mom is going back to her drinking….

Back to the real world,




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