Off to class

Just had breakfast with Tesla and chatted about what we want to do tomorrow.  She requested the “big rooster” puzzle and I instantly knew she meant Big Bird puzzle, the character from Sesame Street.  Second on her list is brownies that she picked out at the grocery store.  Tesla picked out the really expensive ones and that’s fine by me. 

That was about it on her list.  My list included going through all her toys and organizing her room.  I told her we would make piles of her toys to keep, throw away and donate.  She smiled and asked, “Can we jump over them?”  🙂  She’s soo funny! 

We discussed her hair-length and she informed me she wants to grow it long, like Mommy’s.  She only wants LaDonna to cut her bangs. 

Ok, Tess just brought Ying up from the garage.  I gotta get to class, and put Ying back in the garage.  He ate an entire ear of corn minus some cob.  Hard to say what his digestive track may be like. 

Math here I come,



  1. dawn fidler wolf says:

    she is a goofball

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