Dear John~ you frustrate me

Dear John,

Why would you tell me Tesla’s medicine is in her bag if you hadn’t checked?  It wasn’t in there.  You told me you didn’t even take it out while she was with you.  I know you are in the middle of throwing a party but come on?!

You get Tesla back for 8 hours and already can’t get things right.

Tesla said Heather put the medicine on her face.  Apparently Heather is taking care of Tesla because you are just such a busy man.

See you tomorrow when you drop of her meds.

Yes, I am pissed.



  1. The Douchebag doesn’t realize that every little thing he does that is a grand mistake with Tesla will backfire on him as soon as you have graduated and have a good job. Not that we can count on him for any kind of reliable and realistic thought patterns beyond “must stick tab A into slot B”, mind you. His precious Douchenozzle, who also can’t cerebrate beyond “push babies out” in some variation of poor spelling and diction, has issues about being a controller and not a real and loving parent.

    The failure to put the medication in the bag is a telling preview of the parenting skills they will utilize with Tesla, who is already more intelligent than both of them put together. Let’s hope in the future that if Tesla needs live sustaining medications, the Douches will somehow conjure up the intelligence to actually give it to her. This is highly doubtful considering neither of them ever think about anyone other than themselves and their named genitals. Why Douchebag has thought with his penis for such a long period of time that he uses it as a dowsing rod to find sex partners. Douchenozzle thinks that if she pops out enough babies that somehow men will be attracted to her enough for her to validate herself through the dysfunctional relationships she has in order for her to confirm she is “worth something” which I am sure she can find a way to misspell. With two parental figures displaying this kind of unhealthy role models, the weekends Tesla is with you will be times that she can actually think for herself and not be controlled by a step mother that thinks this is the best form of parenting.

    I predict that within the next four years, Tesla will be far beyond developmentally superior to Douchebag and Douchenozzle, since the pair of them are stuck in the coloring phase of kindergarten, getting poor marks for not playing well with others and failure to share. Tesla will probably find herself thinking that both of these people are kind of insufferably stupid and she will seek intelligent discourse with you over having any meaningful conversations with the Douches. Sad, but true.

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